Oct. 16 Mail: Name Changes, School Resource Officers and More

More Name Change Proposals

Jacksonville needs to change its name.

Andrew Jackson was not merely a slave owner, he was a participant in the indigenous peoples’ genocide, including the Trail of Tears (and I am still weeping). But far worse, Jackson opposed the National Bank whereby a small group of wealthy elitists would decide all fiscal and economic matters for the nation and the “sovereign” (tee-hee) states [“Confederate Clash,” Aug. 21].

The easiest option would be to rename it “Rev. Jesse Jackson-ville.” However, that would permanently mark us as a second-tier city, behind any place that renames itself for Martin Luther King Jr. That would also be the least costly option, which would be the depths of irresponsible government.

I remember the orgy of name changes that followed the assassination of President John Kennedy. Now Jacksonville has the chance to do the right thing by renaming itself “St. Trayvon Martin’s-ville.” We can be the “first on our block” to do so. The entire nation, indeed the world, will look upon us with envy!

Additionally, St. Johns County and the St. Johns River should be renamed, both to honor St. Trayvon Martin and to eliminate the Islamophobic, atheiophobic and anti-Semitic hate-names that they presently have.

S. Duane England



Resource Officers a ‘Waste of Money’

Part of the problem is that there is a perception that the over-prosecution of teenagers only involved minority kids from “bad areas of town,” but if we open our eyes, we realize it bleeds into all neighborhoods to kids of all races and backgrounds [“When Kids Commit Crimes,” Oct. 2]. We allow police to wander the halls of our schools looking to arrest our children — while at the same time claiming to have no funding for librarians.

Look at this story where an average suburban teen committed suicide last week after facing criminal charges for a classic teenage prank of streaking on the football field (bit.ly/18e6XlH).

There are studies showing these “resource officers” are not just a waste of money but actually have very negative effects, but we continue to live under the illusion they bring some kind of safety (bit.ly/18e74xP).

Yet every one of those schools has a dedicated police officer wandering the halls looking to arrest our children. Our culture of fear is what is at the root of this problem.

Melissa Phillips



Cheers for Pride of the Jaguars’ Inductee

By far the best quarterback we ever had and a great example of what a good quarterback does to make the whole team shine [Bouquets to Mark Brunell, Oct. 9]! Kudos to Mark! I only wish we still had him playing!

James Lee



Mathews Bridge Jokes

The Mathews Bridge walks into a barge …

Ed Stansel

Jacksonville Beach