Bouquets to Linda Bevan of St. Augustine

Bouquets to Linda Bevan of St. Augustine for her efforts to save a 200-year-old oak tree scheduled to be removed during construction. Bevan, whose home is next to the huge tree, began a neighborhood rally last month to save the tree, rooted on a lot owned by Lennar Homes. She has suggested exchanging the lot for a small section of Mission Trace Park. “This tree has seen all three Seminole Indian wars, the Civil War and has been under the guardianship of the Seminole Nation, the British, the Second Spanish Period and the United States,” she wrote in a letter to the Lennar board of directors. The tree, 54 feet tall with a circumference of 299 inches, has been declared a Florida Specimen Tree. The issue goes before the city’s Planning and Zoning Agency next.