Brickbats to Attorney General Pam Bondi

Brickbats to Attorney General Pam Bondi for getting Gov. Rick Scott to change the execution date for convicted killer Marshall Lee Gore from Sept. 10 to Oct. 1 because it conflicted with Bondi’s campaign fundraiser. Bondi admitted it was wrong, and the governor said he changed the date at Bondi’s request, telling the Associated Press that he didn’t know the reason for her request, but that he tries to accommodate requests from other Cabinet members. Gore was convicted of the 1988 slayings of two women, one in Miami-Dade County and another in Columbia County. After the press questioned Scott, Bondi issued a statement saying she’d erred in rescheduling the execution. As the state’s top law enforcement official, the attorney general shouldn’t have to be told what is right or wrong.