Bouquets to Riverside Arts Market Director Krysten Bennett

Bouquets to Riverside Arts Market Director Krysten Bennett for spearheading a recycling program at the weekly event under the Fuller Warren Bridge. RAM partnered with Conex Recycling to place four green bins to collect plastic bottles and aluminum cans starting Aug. 31. “The market has always had a goal of being a green market,” Bennett said, noting the importance of its location on the St. Johns River. She cited examples such as asking vendors to use biodegradable trash bags and partnering with the St. Johns Riverkeeper on projects. “We try to leave the site spotless each week.” In September, RAM visitors can dispose of old electronics with the help of eCycle Security ( at the top corner of the Market near the Bike Valet. Bennett said she wants to attract vendors who sell environmentally sustainable products and launch a public composting program where visitors can dump food waste into dirt-filled bins for farmers to use and return with the empty bins the next week.