Tres Leches Eatery

There are certain places that make a neighborhood not only more neighborly, but a better place to live and work. Tres Leches Eatery is one of these places. Eddie Sweda and his wife Irene feed hungry office workers, stay-at-home dads and, occasionally, tourists, in Riverside. Serving up South American and Euro-Spanish flavors, they often hit that sweet spot between innovation and comfort food. Most importantly, they seem to enjoy every customer that walks through their door. And, good news, there will be even more space for those customers. Claiming office space in the back of the restaurant, they’ll be adding a dozen or more indoor seats to their dining area. They’ll also be re-branding, with a slight change to signs outdoors and new, colorful awnings.
Though they’re known in the neighborhood for their awesome artisan sandwiches, citywide their claim to fame has been their beautiful desserts. If you haven’t tasted one of their sandwiches, it’s time to try them. Most of their sandwich menu is dedicated to pork in some form, whether pulled or cured as ham. Quality ingredients go into their sandwiches, and it shows. The bread used for their sandwiches (which they get from a Miami provider) is on par with French Pantry. The Tuscan Country sandwich is a symphony of flavors in choice Black Forest ham and goat cheese, with most of the complex notes coming from an amazing Italian vegetable mousse. Their Cuban sandwich is most definitely a twist on the traditional; it’s beautifully pressed using mustard sharper than the standard. But my favorite sandwich has to be the ever-so-savory Bocadillo Manolo. At $10, it’s the most expensive sandwich on their menu, but I have to say: it’s worth every bite. The intense flavor of Serrano ham is joined by a complex Manchego cheese and drawn together with the tarty taste of marinated tomatoes. Whatever sandwich or breakfast item you choose, we recommend you wash it all down with their House Lime-n-ade. It’s especially refreshing. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet, which is a great change from commercial beverages.
You can stop by Monday through Friday from 8 am-7:30 pm and Saturdays 8 am-6:30 pm at 869 Stockton Street, or you can go to one of their events. Call 551-4375 if you have any questions.
Sept 6, Oct 4, Nov 1… Paella Party On the first Friday of every month through February, you can come out for the Tres Leches Paella Party.
Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16… Brunch at Tres Leches From 8 am to 2 pm, experience a special brunch menu.