Green Room Brewing

Eric Luman and Mark Stillman have created a spot where the surf meets the hops.

“The ‘green room’ is a reference to actually being in the barrel of a wave,” said manager Jason Harrison. “We’re all surfers.”

From the moment you walk up the stairs past succulents and bike racks jammed with beach cruisers, a chilled-out vibe permeates the place. Inside the sea-colored walls decorated with local, ocean-themed artwork and accented by reclaimed wood from a burned-down barn, locals and a handful of tourists choose from 16 taps, 12 carrying in-house brews. Head High IPA is the most popular, but for stout lovers, the Shaka Oatmeal Stout (or one of its many incarnations, including Count Shaka-U-La and Thin Mint Shakula) is a must try. One sip of a pint, or perhaps a flight of four served in a surfboard, and you’ll forget all about that Grey Belly Barney who kept dropping in and wiping out.

The hottie you admired on the beach might wander in with three cute friends in tow, still sandy and smelling of sweet sunblock. Buy her or him a beer and play games in the back or just hang out up front with a beer, order some take-out and relax to an eclectic selection of grooves. Be sure to check out the logo envisioned by Justin Butler and created by his brother, artist Zac Freeman. The piece is made of corks and caps collected on-site.

“It’s a little piece of everybody,” Butler said.

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october, 2021