Historically, there has been a difference between Jenni Reid’s live performances and her studio albums. Live, she displays a distinct edge; her polished work has been sweeter. It’s still so, but she does let her growl out on some songs from her current recording, From Empty Pages.
The girl can rock out–and she should, even if it is acoustic. She has the most fun with it on the track ‘Hichhikin’.’ She also brings it out for ‘Hey You,’ a track with great, hard blues vibes. I like her less when things swing toward mainstream pop, which I feel ‘Green Eyes’ channels. She revamps the fun earwig ‘Try’ from on her last album. ‘Figured Out’ is the most stylistically balanced song. It has a pop quality, but all the styles (blues, country, rock) Reid borrows from hang out here in harmony. The super pretty ‘When I Sleep’ is bound to capture lots of listeners, but all I think is, ‘Come on girl–give me that growl!’
On August 10th, she’s holding a CD release party at Jack Rabbits which is a great venue for her style. As she could easily be the next star out of Jacksonville, I recommend seeing her now, so you can say you knew her when.