What's Brewing – August 2013

A doctor, a lawyer and an engineer walk into a bar on Ladies Night…Years ago, this lead-in to a joke would have created a mental image of three men entering a honky-tonk in search of something to drink and, well, ladies. Though feminist progress has been made over the past few decades, some modern thinkers still need a figurative slap in the face to wake up to the realization that all three of the professionals above could easily be women.
This same stodgy thinking has been rampant in the craft beer industry in the past. Believe me, it wasn’t that long ago that the microbrewery business was largely considered “Men Only.” However, changes are afoot in the community of craft beer lovers, and that foot is wearing a four-inch heel.
Girls’ Pint Out is a national, all-female organization which was created by Magen Peters to promote solidarity between beer drinkers of the fairer sex. Through monthly events, field trips, meet-ups, and drives, Girls’ Pint Out seeks to promote a sophisticated level of beer appreciation among women and to bolster the craft beer industry in general.
Magen Peters was kind enough to allow me to establish a Jacksonville Chapter of Girls’ Pint Out on June 29. Attendance at get-togethers has been increasing, and interest in this organization has really exploded.
Plans are being made for a field trip to St. Augustine on August 10, where the group will be invading the Mile Marker Brewery and other destinations to be determined.
Jacksonville Magazine has also invited the Chapter to attend the Northeast Florida Beer Cup, which they are sponsoring at TPC Sawgrass on September 26. The girls will be promoting the organization and serving homebrews created by some of the Chapter’s experienced lady brewers.
Ladies, grab your friends, have your significant others serve as your loyal and trustworthy designated drivers, and come on out to the next meeting of the Jacksonville Chapter of Girls’ Pint Out! There are no membership fees or monthly dues. If you are interested in attending one of the gatherings, just come prepared to pay for the beer and food you order. It’s that simple.
By the way, there are already some lady lawyers and doctors in the group–so, if you are a lady engineer, your first pint of beer will be on me! No joking!
For further information on the Jacksonville Chapter of Girls’ Pint Out, please visit www.jaxgirlspintout.com or follow us on facebook: www.facebook.com/GirlsPintOutJacksonville?ref=hl. You can also email me at [email protected]

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