Making Some Noise

Things that are loud: a bicycle tire popping, garbage trucks at 6 a.m., a baby crying on an airplane and punk shows. That’s the premise behind Louderpalooza 2, the second annual compilation album and correlating live music event that touts itself as presenting “Jacksonville’s loudest bands!”

Seven punk, punk-rock and rock bands are set to make some noise Aug. 3 at Burro Bar. Organized by Matt Edson, guitarist and vocalist for punk trio Shattermat, Louderpalooza 2 aims to showcase area talent as they perform the track featured on the compilation album.

The admission price scores revelers a free copy of the record along with a night of promisingly loud music. Louderpalooza 2’s compilation album includes The Pinz, Poor Richards, Self Employed, Thirteen22, Shattermat, Xgeezer, F.F.N., Status Faux, Grabbag, Gross Evolution, The O’Kays and Waightstill Avery.

Edson’s got a laundry list of responsibilities for the compilation album and the live music event.

“Getting all of the bands on track, so we can get the songs in by deadline to get the CDs mastered,” Edson said. “Local musician Roy Peak, of Xgeezer [also featured on compilations this year and last year], runs recording studio Radical Recording, and has been in charge of mastering all of the songs.”

Edson said this year’s Louderpalooza 2 won’t differ much from the inaugural effort, except for a few additions. “Throughout this year’s comp [album], you definitely will get a taste of what kind of rock ‘n’ roll the Jacksonville music scene has to offer, and I feel like a lot of that variety will be brought to the show,” Edson said. “I think this year’s mix is the best one yet.”

Returning to Louderpalooza for the second year, F.F.N. (From Fuckin’ Nowhere) co-founders J.R. Nowhere (guitars/vocals) and Stephanie Nowhere (bass/vocals) are joined by Jeff Nowhere on drums. Based in Palatka and formed in 2004, the punk-rock trio has spent the past decade touring the Eastern seaboard and the South.

For this year’s compilation, F.F.N. contributed a song called “No Regrets & Alcohol” — a song, J.R. said, that wasn’t written specifically for the record, but that “definitely fits the album and, in my opinion, some of the best work we’ve done as a band.”

“It can be made personal for any person,” J.R. said. “To me, I honestly wrote the song about my father.”

The band’s hoping for a repeat of last year’s event that J.R. described as, “A great time, great turnout, great bands and a great atmosphere showcasing what Jacksonville and surrounding areas have to offer.”

A newcomer to both the compilation album and the Burro Bar event, Thirteen22 features Earl Nagle (vocals/guitar) and Dominigue Perry (drums). Based in Fernandina Beach, Nagle said although the band didn’t play last year’s event, they were still there to support the other acts.

“Knowing friends in other bands has helped a lot and Gross Evolution really took us in and made us great band friends,” Nagle said. “Matt Edson has done our graphics for our EP and he’s the one who asked us to play Louderpalooza 2.”

Thirteen22’s contribution to the album is a song called “Exit Strategy,” a tune that Nagle attributes to being influenced by Hot Water Music, a punk-rock band from Gainesville.