July 24 Mail: Angela Corey, News of the Weird and the NBA

Criticism for Corey

How sweet it is to see Angela Corey and her prosecution team be figuratively cut off at the knees. That’s what you get when you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

When the Rev. Al Sharpton, perhaps America’s most dangerous racist and perpetrator of one America’s greatest racial frauds — the Tawana Brawley case — started to run his mouth, Angela Cory, who never met a camera she didn’t like, started salivating at the mouth. Another chance to get face time in the media.

Neither the Sanford police department, sheriff’s office nor district attorney believed a crime had been committed, and that it is where it should have ended.

However, Sharpton, who has never seen a black vs. white race issue he couldn’t turn into racist street mobs, started carrying on. If you are interested in the credibility of this civil rights hero, Google the Brawley case. Sharptron should be in jail.

Enter Angela Corey. Good old Al gave her the opening she needed, and she got herself appointed special prosecutor. Then she did perhaps the most despicable act in this whole case: She avoided the grand jury. Why? Because she knew they would not indict, and she would lose a golden opportunity for more face time.

Her prosecution team’s foul mouths, screaming and yelling, plus their arrogance and flamboyant behavior, fooled no one. Not guilty.

Perhaps this loss will put Angela Corey back in her place.

Corey fired staff member Ben Kruidbos for having the courage to advise the defense team that her office was not playing by the rules and withholding evidence.

Incredibly, after George Zimmerman was found not guilty, Corey, that baldheaded dude and the rest her team were still presenting evidence that the jury had already rejected. Game over, lights out, you lost. Do you have no shame?

If Corey has any class at all, she will give Ben Kruidos his job back. After all, her team kept referring to the truth: In death, Travon Martin deserves the truth. Should a man lose his job for telling the truth? If anybody needs to be censured in this case, it is Corey.

Rick Mansfield

Ponte Vedra


What Happened to Weird?

Oh, no, you’ve almost done it! What happened to News of the Weird July 10? It’s half the size it normally is, and now I’m almost ready to stop reading Folio Weekly forever.

Lately, it’s been hard to enjoy Folio Weekly: a lot of my favorite sections have been dropped, the Backpage Editorial is almost exclusively about education, you seem to have lost your edge and your appetite for controversy.

One example: Folio Weekly, over the years, has been very dilligent about following the Riverkeeper activites and keep your readers in the know. But more recently, Folio has published very little or nothing at all regarding the Riverkeeper or their activities. What happened?

And now you are tampering with the last icon: News of the Weird.

Please stop: When you drop News of the Weird, there will be no reason for me to read Folio Weekly, which is a shame, because I’ve enjoyed your magazine for the last 10 years.

Theresa Hartley

St. Augustine


‘Hype the NBA’

How could the writer put down the NBA game between the Magic and Pelicans [“Hoop Dreams,” July 3]?  This is the same writer who praised the Jags all season. How could the writer put down the mayor for hyperbole and not write about the missed money opportunity by not signing Tim Tebow? Who on the Jags’ entire staff is smarter than the Pats’ head coach?  Oh, I forgot about AG Gancarski.

Yo! Folio, hype the NBA.

Garey Jefferson


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october, 2021