Las Vegas Underworld Wives

A NOTW classic: Beneath the luxury hotels on the Las Vegas Strip is a series of flood tunnels, home to dozens of people who work odd jobs such as hustling leftover change in slot machines at downscale casinos. A correspondent for London’s The Sun gained the trust of a few and even photographed their “apartments” for a September 2009 article, showing well-stocked quarters, with scrounged appliances and furniture and even one makeshift shower rigged from a water cooler. “Amy,” who’s lived in the tunnels with her husband, “J.R.,” for two years, said she loves the Vegas lifestyle and seems in no hurry to leave. “Kathryn” (who lives with boyfriend “Steven”) also appears content — except, she says, for the fragrance, black widow spiders and the periodic rush of water through their home (threatening any “valuables” not stacked on crates).