what's brewing – July 2013

by Regina Heffington “The Jax Brew-Bitch”
“Water Baby” is a term I have used to describe myself from youth based upon my love for the ocean. Lacking gills, of course, means I must also have an affinity for land – and my favorite “land” is the beach.
Every summer brought excitement for me – not just because I was out of school – but also because I knew my mother would be taking me to a Gulf Coast beach somewhere. In my adolescence, my swimsuit was selected by Momma using “durability” as a prerequisite. As I grew older and was able to choose my own beach attire, I used other parameters – all focused upon “being focused upon.” As a result, my vacation wardrobe got lighter in weight with each approaching summer.
I have found my preferences for beer also turn to the lighter side as the warmer months make their appearance. In the colder, winter months, I tend to select Stouts, Porters and Dark Ales. I now find myself opting for Hefeweizens, Pale Ales and Lambics in warmer temperatures.
My growing appreciation for craft beer has proven to be an exciting substitute for lying prostrate on the beach, getting way too much sun and accidentally swallowing copious amounts of seawater. In truth, it’s really aggravating dealing with the sand stuck to all our belongings and mysteriously deposited in my swimsuit, regardless of its size.
Make this summer the summer you become a “Beer Baby” and cool off at the establishments listed on a regular basis! You can rest assured you won’t be dropping sand out of your shorts when you get home.