If you’ve ever wanted to be in the movies, perhaps this is your chance.
The Coastal Georgia Film Alliance (CGFA) has put out a call for extras for the filming of “Preserve,” an apocalyptic story that takes place 170 years after a disaster has driven humanity underground. Survivors finally emerge to the surface and seek safe harbor in an unwelcoming world.
The Film Alliance is seeking adults between the ages of 18 and 55 who are physically fit as they will be playing roles that require running. According to CGFA talent coordinator and vice chair, Barbara Ryan, the scene calls for between 60-75 extras, all on a volunteer basis.
“Participants will be asked to wear their grungiest ‘survival clothes,’” Ryan said. “And on-site makeup artists will do the rest to bring the illusion to life.”
Ryan said the signup for extras will be on a first-respond, first-enrolled basis.
“This is the first movie we’ve coordinated where we’re encompassing the talents of our newly enrolled Alliance partners of Liberty, McIntosh, and Charlton Counties,” Ryan said. “Glynn County and northeast Florida residents are welcome as well, so we’re expecting a big response.”
“Preserve” was written by Wayne Degan and is being directed by Brandon Herron, both residents of Coastal Georgia.
Doug Vaught, CGFA chair, has been assisting the filming of “Preserve” for approximately six weeks, and has been impressed.
“Much of the film is being made in St. Marys on the old paper mill site—in fact, the site actually inspired the writing of the film,” Vaught said. “And scenes are being filmed in surrounding counties as well.”
Vaught went on to say that the Film Alliance and the movie producers are very grateful to the trustees of the paper mill property for allowing the film to be made without any compensation to the property.
“This is the kind of community spirit that will come back to us tenfold as we continue to pursue projects that ultimately can make a difference in economic development for our region,” said Vaught.
Anyone who would like to be considered for an extra on June 23, should email [email protected] to be pre-registered. Applicants can familiarize themselves with the film by going to
The film site is located at 1100 Osborne Road, St. Marys, Georgia. Call 912-729-1103 for additional information.