May 8 Mail: More Discipline Ideas

In reading the excellent Backpage Editorial [“Focus on What We Can Control,” April 17] on regaining discipline in education, I saw that two other consequences should be added to Chris Guerrieri’s ideas.

1. If the parent or guardian does not respond to the suspension by arranging a school conference within two school days, there should be a civil penalty [for that parent or guardian] of $100 per additional school day where there is no response.

2. If the reason for the failure to set up a conference is that the student did not notify the parent or guardian of the suspension, the $100 per day civil penalty would be waived. Instead, the student would be required to serve 20 hours of community service for each school day from the onset of the suspension that the parent or guardian is not notified.

Because many of these students come from households where their “caregivers” do not care if they receive an education, the only way to get the attention of some parents or guardians is to impose penalties for their failure to address their children’s behavior.

Off the issue of education, I wish to commend Denise Reagan on continuing to keep the community informed about JAX2025 [Editor’s Note, “Make 2025 Real Now,” April 17]. This is too important an issue to not be addressed on a regular basis. I only hope that those in city government will embrace the vision in each category and implement the related plans needed to reach each vision. Every time in the past when a blueprint has been laid out, it has been ignored.

Bruce A. Fouraker


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