Scary Movie 5 – movie review

by Katie Gile
It’s been seven years since an installment of the Scary Movie parody series was last on movie screens. Having made a name for itself since its inception in 2000, the Scary Movie franchise is all about big, self-aware laughs and poking fun at the good and bad at the box office.
Unfortunately, like the two installments before it, Scary Movie 5 was sorely lacking. The script, by Pat Proft and David Zucker, is markedly far from the clever and critical hands of its founding family, the Wayans Brothers. Where the early movies were sharp in their pop culture critique, this script tried too hard to be sassy and missed the boat entirely. It had a few good laughs and occasionally well-handled pop culture references, but is devoid of the wit and fun of the first two films.
Instead, it seemed like an endless digression of the same bland jokes and slapstick humor. Its attempts at self-aware laughs were either unclear or simply unfunny. Even by the standards the series has set, with obvious plot twists and turns to encompass as much pop culture as possible, everything about the script felt unintentionally ham-handed.
The celebrity cameos, which have come to be a mainstay in the series, were a detriment to this already clunky film. The “performances” from Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, Snoop Dogg, Heather Locklear and many others were weak. Even Ashley Tisdale’s performance as protagonist Jody was milquetoast at best.

Its few saving graces came from Scary Movie mainstay Simon Rex as Dan, and brief but memorable moments from Molly Shannon and Jerry O’Connell.
Sometimes its references were enjoyable and surprising, but overall, Scary Movie 5 is barely a shadow of the original, admittedly dumb-funny films. Rather than laughing so often through its relatively short running time that the time flew by, Scary Movie 5 dragged on and on, leaving its audience warily hoping for something to make them chuckle.
If it’s decent horror parody you want, spend your movie money on the original Scary Movie instead.