RAM update

by Erin Thursby
The Riverside Arts Market is more than just a market; it’s part of our community. Vendors serve the community, and they are the community.
This month we are profiling Mary Off Market, which sells glasswork by Mary Allegretti. Seek her out at RAM, or pop by her facebook, /MaryOffMarket, to see her work.

EU: How long have you been at the Riverside Arts Market?
Mary Allegretti: I’m a charter member and have exhibited each year.

EU: How often can people find you there?
MA: I am scheduled for 20 Saturdays this season out of about 45.

EU: Tell us about your product.
MA: I’m a glass artist that features recycled glass. I mix traditional stained glass methods with modern fusing to develop one-of-a-kind art pieces. For example, this ranges from a bottle bottom window to a piece of jewelry that includes the ring of the bottle neck. I enjoy also contemporary, warm glass and am most drawn to aperture pours or combing glass when it’s hot to discover what the glass will produce.

EU: What’s your inspiration for design?
MA: I am inspired by nature. The variety of shapes and textures and colors are endless. I enjoy photography and travel as well, so some of my experiences in those lines provide a base for design.

EU: What’s the best thing about RAM? Any favorite moments?
MA: I am still moved to tears watching the video of the Christmas time flash mob of the Hallelujah chorus. It was a moment to remember. I met people that day who I am still in touch with. My favorite thing about RAM is the camaraderie. The vendors and visitors alike provide a great social occasion.

EU: What should folks know about you that they don’t?
MA: I was once a nationally ranked women’s sailing competitor, and I love being in the River City and close to the water.