Harvest Noon: a Farm-to-Table Brunch

Dig Local is a local, not-for-profit organization intent on connecting people with better food. Through community gardens, community education and farmers’ markets, Dig Local attempts to make their goals reality. Naturally, offering free education and gardening resources creates financial need for the organization, so periodic fundraisers are a necessity. To this end, Dig Local has partnered with Sean Sigmon of Dig Foods (despite having similar names, the two companies are not connected) for a one-of-a-kind, organic brunch on the Dutton Island Preserve. Dig Local board member and fundraising coordinator, Genevieve Fletcher, was available to further describe the upcoming event.
Harvest Noon, taking place on April 14th, will showcase a three-course, organic brunch prepared by Sean Sigmon that will be similar to the brunch series he previously offered at Bold Bean. It will differ, however, in venue. The Dutton Island Preserve allows guests to enjoy their spring morning on a beautiful marsh, where they will have the opportunity to take a brief, guided, walking tour led by Mariah Goelz of Southern Roots Apothecary. Fletcher says, “To me, it’s exciting, to be outside, an al fresco brunch. And it’s an extension of our mission, that we are serving locally grown foods in an artful way to the community.” The event will feature live performances from local jazz musicians, Tala.
Fletcher says Sigmon was the ideal person to prepare the brunch because of the similarity of their missions. Sigmon’s company, Dig Foods, focuses on using organic and whole food ingredients. Fletcher says, “With big industry and big farms pumping our foods with who-knows-what kind of chemicals, it’s the safest bet to grow your own foods. You know what goes into it–you can learn about its nutritional value. I know when I go out in my garden and pick my own food, there’s nothing that gives me a greater satisfaction when I eat.”
The Harvest Noon fundraiser is mostly for one cause. “Our most recent project is a partnership with the Beaches Local Habitat for Humanity at the Jordan Community Center,” says Fletcher. The Education program at Jordan in particular will be supported by the fundraiser. Fletcher describes the classes in more detail: “We’ve been putting on a monthly program to work with the kids in the garden, where we read them a book that incorporates literature and history into each gardening lesson.”
The brunch will be a unique sensory experience for all involved. Coffee and orange juice will be served on the marsh as well, near the silent auction that boasts a number of special, valuable items such as photo sessions, restaurant certificates and symphony tickets. But most importantly, attendance to the fundraiser furthers education and sustainable community efforts, which is something we can all appreciate.
Harvest Noon will take place Sunday, April 14th at 11 am at the Dutton Island Preserve. There is limited seating, and tickets can be purchased online at www.diglocal.org.