April 3 Mail: Police & Fire Pension Fund, Bite by Bite and More

April 3, 2013
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Enraged by Lapse of Judgment

Taking a quote from the Editor’s Note [“The Last Blue Straw,” Feb. 27], “It’s hard to believe that anyone thinks a police officer convicted of child molestation should keep his pension” I am with you 110 percent. I cannot believe that another police officer, a firefighter and retired sheriff could all vote in favor of this convicted felon [Richard Cannon]. I have always felt that police and firefighters are our heroes, the ones who are there to protect all from harm if possible. I personally cannot understand their reasons for this undeniable lapse in judgment. We must hold police officers at a higher standard if we are to expect them to perform their duties as they have taken an oath to do.

I have multiple family members in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and have always had the greatest respect for them, their commitment to the job and stature in the community. I believe that the city’s chief ethics officer should appeal this decision on behalf of all citizens. I believe if more people knew of this injustice, there would be protesters in the streets of Jacksonville calling for the heads of those who are at fault for this.

I do hope someone is looking into this miscarriage of justice, for all of us; we are going to be paying for this man even after his release. Should he be rewarded for his sins against the children he has admitted to molesting? I THINK NOT! If you have any update on this, please send it out into the world for all to read. I will never look at Police & Fire Pension Fund with any respect in the future. They have earned that by their own choices/votes.

Allowing any public meeting to be held in such a manner only goes to show they didn’t want the public to know of their decision. Also, not posting the minutes afterward only shows their attempt to hide their vote. Cowards are what I call these kinds of people. If they felt as if their votes were with the taxpayers, they wouldn’t have to hide from us. I personally hope that I never have to meet or speak with Bobby Deal, Richard Tuten or Nat Glover, as I am sure they would not like what I have to say regarding their behavior and their lack of common sense.

This has enraged me to the point of this email to you. I have never sent a note to the editor, but I felt I must get involved. If there is anything I can do, anyone I can contact, please let me know.

Staci Chambliss



Forgotten Gem

Good day! I was just reading the March 20 issue and wanted to make you aware of a restaurant you missed in the Bite By Bite cover story. Beaches of Vilano is a true hidden gem. It’s right at the base of the Vilano Bridge on the east side if the ditch. This place definitely deserves recognition as one of the best places to hang in St Augustine. Its island atmosphere and good food are worth a try.

Eric Lewis



Spend Less on Your Health to Spend More on Veterans

Social media routinely publishes pictures and stories of veterans who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with horrendous combat injuries; well-intentioned postings request that we “like” the images as a gesture of support. I’m not quite sure what a “like” achieves, but perhaps we could consider some alternatives that could make a real difference for the heroes we profess to love so well.

It’s estimated that veterans wait more than 300 days, on average, to receive rehabilitative and mental health services when returning home, due to lack of funding, yet we spend tens of billions annually for the treatment of self-inflicted, obesity-related illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, high cholesterol, bariatric surgeries, disability payments and other maladies too numerous to detail here.

If the sacrifices of our veterans are important enough to post on Facebook, and if we truly appreciate their sacrifices, would it be asking too much of those who did not serve to take greater responsibility for their own personal health?

Would it be asking too much to limit your calories, to exercise some, to curb fast food consumption? Could we try to achieve a reasonable height/weight ratio (BMI)?

Consider the billions of dollars we could save and reallocate to combat veterans if we could reduce the healthcare burden of overweight, over-indulgent, sedentary Americans.

It may be a lot to ask, but it’s not like asking you to walk without legs, or dress without hands, or sleep with the nightmares of bullets and shrapnel that kill and disable. Could we use fewer healthcare dollars for a vet who needs more?

Please make a sacrifice for American Veterans. “Like” it or not, this is your chance to make a small sacrifice for those who sacrificed so much.

John Shellenbach


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