Surfing The Blues 2013

Nothing is much better than having rays of sun and white sandy beaches in your backyard, while listening to world-class blues musicians play–and watching professional and amateur surfing. The Surfing the Blues event is held in conjunction with the 23rd George’s Music Annual Springing the Blues Festival, thereby combining Jacksonville’s surf and music culture. Springing
the Blues is one of the biggest free music festivals on the East Coast. Adding this surfing contest to the mix, hosted by the Florida Surfing Association, is sure to bring together an assortment of people, fashion and life surrounding the art and sport of surfing.
Competitive surfing is continually evolving; it’s hard to keep up with what events are going on and where. However, somehow Surfing the Blues seems to always keep the momentum going with decent waves every year and a stack full of fun for all ages. Being a competitive surfer myself, surfing contest after contest can get a bit tiring with inconsistent waves, especially in Florida.
Whether a professional or amateur, many talented surfers travel from all parts of Florida to come surf this event. To many non-Floridians, the East Coast isn’t known for having the biggest, or even consistent, waves, yet somehow the most talented and world-class surfers come from right here in our own backyard. Some professional surfers that have been involved with this event in the past are (to name a few) Justin Quintal, Asher Nolan, Ryan Briggs, as well as brothers Cody and Evan Thompson, who travel all around the world for the best waves, yet still come back to the good ole 904. Bringing big acts such as competitive surfers Piper Austin and Kayla Duren, this event is about putting the talents of Jacksonville on the map.
Surfing the Blues is a great event for new and old surfers alike who like to have fun, because, what is the point if you’re not? The best part about this contest is that the Jacksonville Pier is a great location for consistent surf and fishing. Bring family, friends and those visiting from out of town; there is no reason not to enjoy a portion of the 1,350 miles of coastline around
The community of Jacksonville is the backbone of this event, bringing together local sponsors and vendors as well as giveaways. With a massive, active fan base of those attracted to the sport, The Jacksonville Pier area encompasses a diverse and positive vibe of the surfing community. With a plethora of surf shops and surf equipment available around the beachside community, those who venture to this surfing event will have an opportunity to explore not only the beach, but also the city. Surfing the Blues will be on the south side of the Jacksonville Pier the first weekend of April (5th-7th). For more information go to, keyword Surfing the Blues, to find out about it or to sign up as a competitor and be involved in this great community