by Faith Bennett
Siblings (when they get a long) have a natural tendency to work well together in music and LA’s Blondfire is no exception. Bruce and Erica Driscoll write catchy dance music together that you may have recently heard in a Honda Civic commercial or may see live at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.
The duo’s Brazilian-American upbringing has surely influenced their sound, particularly on Bruce’s end. There is a hint of Bossa Nova influence underneath Erica’s sweet vocals. “Where The Kids Are,” their most known track has been made its way into television commercials and programs as well as iTunes ‘ number one spot on the Alternative chart. The music video preluding all of that success is full of fireworks, flashing lights, and young kids doing precious things like wearing capes and playing in spaghetti; naturally a recipe for reblogs. Other songs off of their debut album with Warner Brothers, Young Heart, strike similar chords with listeners and explore the same themes in lyrics and music. Songs like “Hide and Seek” and “Walking with Giants” are equally sweet, playful, and dance worthy. Live shows from Blondfire do feature a backing band led and chosen by Bruce though he and his sister are the only constants. Together they have opened for bands like Foals and current tour mates, AWOLnation but not without drawing in a crowd of their own as they are sure to do during their time in Florida.
The March show is a perfect opportunity to dance to quality alternative pop and experience the excellent facility that is the still fairly new Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.