Day Joy at Burro Bar

by Faith Bennett
When it comes to music genres mentioned on Pitchfork, ambient indie rock is one of those that often so heavily saturates the industry that it is easy to look over but Small Plates Records has consistently offered standout artists like Day Joy who should not be looked over at all.
Day Joy is a seven person band from that may summon comparisons to such northern baroque pop acts as Fleet Foxes though they themselves hail from the south. They are a college kids dream in the sense of versatility. “Bone and Bloody” is meditative while featuring banjo riffs and other tracks, like “Walking Home” make the band an excellent candidate to read or do homework to. Though the the self-described “dream folk” could easily fade into the background, the harmonies lyrics and synchronization of the group makes them captivating as well.
The band exudes more emotion than most electronic acts. Though lyrics may seem vague, more is expressed in the band’s actual music and in their voices. Day Joy songs like “Go To Sleep Mess” feel like having an existential crisis on winter night in the band’s home state. Coincidentally “Go To Sleep Mess” has a really good accompanying existential music video. All their songs are ideal music for being in transit. It is easy to imagine any of their songs in a car or imagine “Walking Home” while literally walking home.
All in all, Day Joy is fantastic band that deserves attention and an audience for their live performances. Their particular breed of pastoral electronic pop is nothing short of memorable and their upcoming show at Burro Bar with fellow Florida folk rock band Roadkill Ghost Choir and Duval native Fjord Explorer should be no different.