Redneck Chronicles, Tennessee Edition

1. Timothy Crabtree, 45, of Rogersville, was arrested in October and charged with stabbing his son, Brandon, 21, in an argument over who would get the last beer in the house.

2. Tricia Moody, 26, was charged with DUI in Knoxville in January after a 10-minute police chase. The officer’s report noted Moody was still holding a cup of beer and apparently spilling none en route.

3. Jerry Poe, 62, was charged in a road-rage incident in Clinton on Black Friday when he fired a handgun at a driver in front of him “to scare her into moving” faster, he said. Poe said he’d started at midnight at one Wal-Mart, waited in line unsuccessfully for five hours for a sale-priced stereo, and was on his way to another Wal-Mart.

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