What Makes Me Happy?

These are the winners of the poetry contest for students in the United Way of Northeast Florida Achievers for Life program.

Pierson Bracy
Northwestern Middle School

What makes me happy?
To see my mom wake up every day.
To know my brother is in a better place.
To have another step in life.
To wake and see the sunlight.

DeAngelo Jones
Northwestern Middle School

I am the sun that shines so bright.
I am the rain trying to grow something.
When you see me, I shine in the lights.
You see me, I see you,
We both smile.
Like a rose in a sky,
I am someone inside of you that is trying to become perfect.
But I am someone,
And my name is DeAngelo Jones.

Brionna Johnson
Northwestern Middle School

To be able and wake up and see another day
Mature people around me and the things they say
My family, my new and old friends
That are with me from the beginning to the end.

Some kids do not have the opportunity
To be happy at least once in their life.
At least I’m happy.

I have a chance to be satisfied.
Life is a gift to me and I find that a part
Of being happy.

People that inspire me; motivate me
Make me happy.
I see myself in the future achieving my goals.
To see myself each and every day,
Striving and reaching high to do my best
makes me happy.
Each and every day I try and do my best:
The outcome of it is me being happy.

I am Brionna.
Forever I will stay happy.
I have high self-esteem for myself
And I set a lot of goals.

Kiara Singletary
Northwestern Middle School

What makes me happy is my pet.
He is green,
He is small,
He is not really all that tall.
He is really sweet,
And I like to tickle his feet.
He has green eyes,
He comforts me when I cry.
Sometimes I wonder, “Can he cry?”

He has red ears and a little beak.
Even if he can’t speak
Or hear or don’t have hair
He is still there, sometimes everywhere.
He has a tail that is really fragile.
He loves shrimp that is dry,
So please don’t fry.

He lives in water – he is a water turtle.
He has a shell;
He carries it really well!
He is really cool and loves to swim in my pool.
He never acts the fool,
But I think he needs a stool to jump in the pool.

His name is Greeny/Sweety.
He sometimes acts silly.
He is my best friend to the end.

He is Greeny my best friend,
That’s what makes me happy to the end,
Greeny, my best friend.

Camille Collins
Eugene J. Butler Middle School

It’s not my long pretty hair,
Or the clothes I wear —
It’s the hot wings, mac & cheese and the collard greens
That make me cheer and sing and do foolish things.

It’s not about the shoes I have,
But because Obama made four more years
That makes my crazy friends and I scream “Hurray!”

What makes me happy is slumber parties, hot fries and going to the Fair.
I am happy when I’m baking cookies, brownies, cakes,
And all those yummy treats.

I am happy for God who opens my eyes
And gives me another chance to smile and be unique.

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