It is February and it was time for the political comedy revue to be back in Jacksonville. This zany and very talented group of singers and comedians moved into the Wilson Center Tuesday February 5th and will be there thru Sunday February l0th. Call (904) 442-2929 for tickets or visit and select your own seat.
A large and enthusiastic audience was in attendance on opening night. Since this group was last here, much has happened in the political world: the Presidential elections, the fiscal cliff, Obamacare, the government crisis in Greece, new taxes, well you get the idea, the list goes on and on.
This is the 31st anniversary of this show that originated when six young senate aides performed at a Christmas Party in Washington. Currently the show is done every week in Washington and in addition a couple of road tours are always somewhere out there spreading the joy.
The set is always the same, if you want to call it a set. There is a piano where Marc Irwin accompanies the many parody songs that fill the 90 minutes of breakneck speed skits. Center stage is a large suspended large white sheet that says THE CAPITOL STEPS. It is behind this the performers do remarkable quick changes into many wigs and costumes and then come out for their segment. Add three stand-up mikes to the stage and that is it.
Matt Pearson did his usual excellent President Obama impression, but this year was joined by Mitt Romney. They perform a hilarious joke telling contest (a takeoff on the Presidential debates), and answer the questions, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” and “How many Democrats does it take to change a light bulb?”
Capitol Steps are equal opportunity spoofers, and a very funny segment did a number on The Rolling Stones as senior citizens. Two of the funniest skits occur about one hour into the show. A Sam Spade type private eye goes to New York after the hurricane. The other was about the TSA searches at airports. A character named Howie Felther, gives a pat down to very buxom blond and gets a big surprise.
Half the fun is trying to remember the original titles of the many songs they have rewritten with wild lyrics to illustrate their acts. “If I were a rich man” from Fiddler, becomes “If I tax a rich man”. You will recognize “Maria “and “Music in the Night”. You won’t want to miss Mitt Romney singing a rap song!!
The cast has done this show hundreds of times, but it is always fresh and lively. Thanks, Jamie Zemarel, Brad Van Grack, Matt Pearson, Tracy Stephens, and Ann Johnson for another great evening of humor and a look at the wonderful world of politics (well, maybe not wonderful but crazy and unpredictable).
Laugh yourself silly for one hour and a half, with THE CAPITOL STEPS at the Wilson Center. If you really like the show, you can purchase a CD in the lobby after the show. They have recorded over 30 of them over the years.