What's Brewing – February

by REGINA HEFFINGTON, the jax brew bitch
Og, Father-of-the-Year in 60013 BC, acquired his paternal award based upon several parameters. One of the most important had to do with dining. Og would sing, beat on hollow logs and play bone flutes while his wife and progeny sat about the family fire and ate their meal of a roasted member of some now-extinct species. This loud and creative performance would be used to ward off hungry predators and competitors, allowing his family to complete their feeding with enjoyment.
Future Ogs in subsequent millennia outsourced these duties to others who, though outside the family, were much more talented at producing pleasant sounds during the course of a fine dinner. Some enterprising Mesolithic log-thumper put a couple of grunts together, which we now understand to be the word “music”. Many believe this period also saw the establishment of communal dining – the act of grouping together with other cave-dwelling clans to discuss the weather and the unkempt cave entrance of the family who chose not to attend.
Music being played during a meal continued rhythmically along through history, entering a Neolithic phase, characterized by the mass-unionizing of these knuckle-dragging, Hominid dinner-accoutrements, from whence came the practice of compensating the performer in addition to the obligatory share of the communal dinner.
So, it efficiently follows that the early bone-flutists evolved into the entertainers we regularly see at bars and restaurants in Jacksonville. Take my word for it.
These artists do a great job of providing a comfortable ambiance, heightened gastronomical and “imbibical” experiences and effective protection from marauding bands of saber tooth tigers. (I haven’t seen any, have you?)

Here are few modern day Og-bookings for you to enjoy:
Kickbacks Gastropub – Live music on Thursdays
910 King Street – 388-9551
Intuition Ale Works – Tuesday is Tunesday in the Taproom
720 King Street – 683-7720
The Salty Fig – Live music on Tuesdays
901 King Street – 337-0146
Tapa That – Live music on Saturdays
820 Lomax Street – 376-9911
Green Room Brewing – Live music Fridays and Saturdays
228 3rd Street North – Jax Beach – 201-9283
Engine 15 Brewing Company – Live music on Thursday nights
1500 Beach Boulevard – Jax Beach – 249-2337
Bold City Brewing Company – Big John Miller is working on new bookings for 2013. Stay tuned!
2670 Rosselle St – 379-6551
Cliff’s Bar & Grill – Music nightly
3033 Monument Road – 645-5162
Bold Bean Coffee Roasters – Open daily. See schedule for live music and open mic night.
869 Stockton Street Suite 1-2 – 855-1181
Underbelly – Open nightly. Sundays and Mondays for concerts only.
113 East Bay Street – 353-6067
Sahara Cafe & Bar – Belly Dancers on the weekend
10771 Beach Boulevard – 338-9049
The Casbah Cafe – Belly Dancers on Fridays and Saturdays, Jazz on Sundays, live music nightly
3628 St. Johns Avenue – 981-9966
Ginger’s Place — 304 3rd Street South – Jacksonville Beach – 249-8711
Casa Marina Hotel Penthouse – Live music every Wednesday and Sunday
691 North 1st Street Jacksonville Beach– 270-0025
Island Girl – Live Music Wednesday through Saturday
7800 Gate Parkway – 854-6060
820 Highway A1A North – Ponte Vedra – 834-2492
Three Layers Cafe – A Coffeehouse – check their website and Facebook for the schedule for “Verbal Essence” spoken word and live entertainment
1602 Walnut Street – 355-9791
Burro Bar – Live music most Fridays and several other evenings during the week
100 East Adams Street – 353-4686
Culhane’s Irish Pub – check out their website and Facebook for live music schedule
967 Atlantic Boulevard – Atlantic Beach – 249-9595
Hamburger Mary’s – check out their website and Facebook for show times and other entertainment
3333 Beach Blvd – 551-2048
Northstar Sub Station – “The Pizza Bar” – Open Mic Comedy on Wednesdays; Mad Cowford Improv Comedy on Fridays and Saturdays.
119 East Bay Street – 860-5451
Yesterdays Social Club – Thursdays open mic night. See schedule for shows
3638 Park Street – 387-0502
1904 Music Hall – Open during scheduled concerts. See schedule
19 North Ocean Street

Don’t be a Neanderthal…get out and enjoy what the Jacksonville Brews and Chews community has to offer in the way of live entertainment during your dinner and drinks hunting excursions! And please be sure to continue what your Neolithic forefathers began, and tip your entertainer along with those who serve you.
And oh, by the way, there’s no need to bring your own fire – Og’s great-great grandfather, Ig-Nite, franchised that a million years ago.


april, 2022