Digital Introduction

Folio Weekly’s new homepage is a simpler, easier-to-navigate face for the site. The new site will feature everything from the print edition, plus much more digital-only content.

New Logo
Folio Weekly now sports a new retro-modern logo online and in print that emphasizes the website address.

Facebook and Twitter
Our latest social media posts are featured on every page of the new website.

Featured Stories
Four of the best things on the site — like profiles, stories, blogs, quizzes, photo galleries, etc. — are featured in this rotation.

Top Stories
More links to the latest and greatest stories on the site are featured here.

The latest blog posts will always appear here. Some of the blogs on the site:

The Flog: A lively collection of local news and information.

Playing Around: Find out the latest in local arts and entertainment including new shows, who’s playing, when tickets are going on sale and more.

The Specktator: Kerry Speckman shares her unique and sometimes twisted observations of local people and events.

Bite-Sized: Caron Streibich, our Bite Club host, covers dining out in Northeast Florida. You’ll find her weekly column here, plus more blog items throughout the week.

Deemable Tech: Ray Hollister answers readers’ questions and provides helpful tips about computers, tablets, mobile phones, the Internet and technology in general.

Sportstalk: AG Gancarski’s column and other sports-related musings appear here.

The Eye
Each week, we attend several events and shoot photos of the people there. Did we see you? Find out by clicking through our photo galleries.

What Do You Think?
We’ll pose questions about the latest news and events to get your take. What did you think of the Oscar nominations? What should the city do about Hemming Plaza? We’ll take a sampling of the best answers and publish them in the print issue.

Favorite Features
Here’s where you can find some of your favorite features from the print issue, including Rob Brezsny’s FreeWill Astrology, I Saw U and Chuck Shepherd’s News of the Weird.

What’s Happening
A few of today’s events will appear here. You can click on “More Events” to search for more.

Contact Us
This link is your one-stop destination for getting in touch with us, whether you want to submit a story, contact a staff member, buy an ad or anything else.

Log In
If you want to comment on stories, post blogs, create calendar events, participate in What Do You Think? discussions or upload photos, you must create an account.

You will be able to find our previous archived issues and stories here when we launch this section of the site.

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Search our site for what you’re seeking. Click on “Advanced” if you want to perform a more complex search with multiple words.

The new site offers several options for businesses that want to reach Folio Weekly’s many digital readers.

Our Arts & Entertainment page is a simple way to find the latest coverage on music, movies, visual arts, theater, dance and more.

Our Picks
We’ll feature the events we spotlight in print each week, plus many more.

Look for our interviews with musicians and bands and previews of concerts here. We’ll also feature more concert and CD reviews. Plus, you can search our club database for the latest in live music.

Our latest reviews and film stories will appear here.

You’ll find previews of new exhibits at galleries and museums, classical and jazz shows and theater and dance performances here. We’ll also post reviews of some arts shows as well.

All of our news stories, Buzz items and more appear here.

Here you will find Editor’s Notes, Backpage Editorials, Bouquets & Brickbats, Mail and all of the What Do You Think? discussions.

Search our events database by date or keyword. Anyone who is logged in may submit events to our calendar for approval. Go to the “Click Here” button under Post an Event. Fill in all of the available windows and select the most appropriate category. Click “Continue.” You have the option of including images. If you attach high-resolution images with complete caption and photo credits, Folio Weekly might publish them along with our listings in print. This will be the best way to get events listed both online and in print.

All of our restaurant listings are now fully searchable by price, neighborhood, cuisine and type of meal. Many of them will feature photos.

All of our photo galleries from The Eye and videos appear here. You can upload photo galleries, too, if you create an account and log in.

You can find all of the special deals you’re used to finding on

Create your own classified ad for print and online.