Catching The Wave of Fun-Time Music

by Rebecca Austin
Being Florida natives of Cocoa Beach, the band Honey Miller sets itself away from what people may have thought them to be. Recently this up and coming group of surfer-musicians brought their brand of salt life to Bay Street in Downtown Jacksonville with a fun filled show at Underbelly.
Playing surfer style music is a cliché in itself as well as being surfer bum musicians. Since I started surfing years ago, I have known the band to be a group that I would see surfing before they performed at local events in town. It may be true that being near the sea sets you free from stress and the pressures of societal views. The reality is, that living near the sea gives you a different view on life, a happier and clearer conscious about the world.
The band mates Dave Miller, lead singer & songwriter, Jeff Stanton on guitar, Bassist Aren Winebrenner, Curtis Bush on keyboard along with talented violinist Seth Chipman, Ryan Perez on drums and lastly the drummer boy Sam DeJesus, doing an outstanding job on congas & percussion makes it difficult to categorize the band into a certain genre. With lyrics of imagination and endless shores of wisdom that flow through every word, the music will take you on a journey of your mind.
To create a diversified blend of life experiences and fairy tale dreams into a transcending image through music is a gift in itself. Without the intention of being unique or peculiar these musicians know how to harmonize themselves in a manner that would even make a lark happy.
Honey Miller defies categorization! The sound is sophisticated & wrapped in water bound imagery, unlike anything you’ve heard in the recent past. An accidental & unintentional blend of diversified musicians creating a unique sound experience for the listener. Honey Miller music transcends all age, gender, racial, cultural & religious beliefs.
Live music has always been the best music; it simply molds the body and soul into one and gives the lyrics a more personal meaning. Musicians have long understood that in order to make music, the story behind it has to make a connection to the audience. Bringing back the rhythm that music has seemed to have loss, Honey Miller’s soft, passionate vocals and up right bass was the jelly to the jam along with the excellent violin playing. Playing songs that more than just connect people with one another without barriers on age, gender, race or religion background but with the world.
A line from one of their songs reads, “ This country was built on opportunity…what we really need is more humanity not greed. The only thing that sets me free is equality.” This statement couldn’t be truer about not only the American people, but also the world in general. We are all caught up in the materialism that overwhelms our everyday vision of the world. Not to say it isn’t great to have the things you want, but what about living by what you believe in, instead of what society dictates what it is that you need.
By the time you’ve heard two or three songs, the notes get you lost in another world. Before you know it, you find yourself on a beach in Key West, swinging in a hammock. Just chillin’, with beat of the music making you realize you don’t have a care in the world. With the band playing Radiohead’s “House of Cards”, the room’s energy of fellow music lovers brought a new light to Underbelly. Honey Miller’s visit to Downtown Jacksonville will surely not be their last. The world hasn’t ended yet and as summer 2013 is on its way, what’s better than taking a trip to paradise?