In the vein of the popular dining clubs cropping up all over the country–and I’m particularly reminded of New York’s ‘A Razor, a Shiny Knife’ here (if you haven’t seen the video of last year’s ‘NYC Dining Car’ then google it immediately)–and building on Cari Sanchez-Potter’s wildly popular The Legend Series, comes the latest Jacksonville supper club, Artivores. Details are vague, like any good underground dinner party. But as the name suggests, the organizers are hoping to provide a not only a gastronomic experience but an artistically-minded one. And while the actual details of the event are somewhat ambiguous, I do know they have a facebook page where they may be posting more information throughout the month. While you’re on their page, make sure to watch their video, which is produced by the amazing media production company, DVA, and which features artist Mark George.