Tres Leches

Tres Leches came to fame as a bakery, but they offer much more. Their later hours make them the perfect place to pick up dinner after work. With tables and artisan sandwiches on display, it’s clear they’ve gone beyond the neighborhood bakery mold. They’ve recently made the move from their Springfield digs to a new place in Riverside, on the same strip as 13 Gypsies.
Those that haven’t been to their new locale might have enjoyed their tasty treats at the Riverside Arts Market. At RAM, the Tres Leches team connected with the westside neighborhood before moving to Stockton Street.
One of the most important components of Tres Leches is the human touch. Irene and Eddie Sweda are the heart and soul of the cafe. Their friendly spirit and love of community keep patrons coming back.
While many folks order cakes and get Tres Leches to cater their events, they’re also starting to pop in for lunch, breakfast and even dinner. The fan favorite is the spinach artisan bread sandwich. You can choose from Boar’s Head turkey, ham or London Broil. It’s $10 for a whole sandwich, but the carefully selected ingredients and hand-crafted yum makes it well worth it. It’s also quite filling. For $8, you can order half of a sandwich with a side of salad or soup. If you want to make your own sandwich at home, or you just love the bread, they sell spinach bread buns from their baked goods case.
Arepas are a another popular item. They’re difficult to find in Jacksonville, as they are a South American food. Arepas are unleavened fried patties of corn or flour which are cut in half and used as a bun and stuffed with any number of things, most commonly eggs and cheese. Quiches are one of their best transitional items, and they serve them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their empanadas are available for lunch and dinner. If you are there for the sweet stuff, any of their desserts are super good. The carrot cake, Caribbean lime pie and their strawberry meringue are just some of what they offer.
They are open later than most cafes, from 8:30 am-7:30 pm weekdays and Saturday until 6:30 pm. The heaviest dinner contender is the eggplant lasagna. My standards for eggplant in a dish are high, but Tres Leches met that standard with this substantial dish and well-chosen eggplants. Vegetarians: you must try this delish dish! I’m not a vegetarian, but if I were, this would be a regular stop for me. Even though I’m not, it’s still going to be on my short-list for something to pick up for dinner.