by Alexandra McClain
Breaking Dawn part 2 is such a bittersweet ending to the Twilight Saga. Although many fans will be sad to see the end of characters we’ve all come to love, many will leave the movie satisfied with the last installment. The opening sequence promptly sets the scene giving an inside look at the actual metamorphism of the venom in Bella’s blood as she transforms. The movie doesn’t miss a beat and quickly picks up where the last film ended. Thanks to some great special effects, viewers are able to see through the fresh eyes of Bella who awakes as a new born vampire.
Kristin Stewart finally gives Bella’s role a fresh perspective as she takes on life as a newborn vampire. For once Stewart gets to break out of Bella’s usual passive and timid demeanor and instead take on a more confident and aggressive attitude as a vampire. Bella even looks more alive as a vampire than she did as a human. The on screen chemistry between Bella and Edward, played by Robert Pattison, feels more passionate this time around. Who would’ve thought a vampire love scene could be so captivating. It’s the best performance Stewart has given in the entire saga. Vampire seems to be very becoming of her. Now that Bella has everything she’s been wanting, this film is all about protecting it; even if that means fighting to keep her loved ones safe.
The film does a great job in slowly drawing the audience in and building up anticipation. The bond of the Cullen family is tested as they’re forced to defend themselves against a vicious rumor that has spread to the Volturi. They’ve come to believe that Renesmee is an immortal child, which is ultimately punishable by death. Most of the memorable moments will be towards the end of the film. The fight scene will take many viewers by surprise. It’s truly a battle to end all as things become far beyond brutal.
Although the film is based around the birth of Renesmee, it’s easy to get side tracked considering how many other new characters were introduced in this film. Vampires unite from all over the world; each entertaining to watch with their own exotic powers. However, don’t get too attached and don’t bother to keep up with their names. This is the last film after all.
If you blink too fast you might miss Renesmee growing up. The first initial glances we see of her are the CGI face with infant features of Mackenzie Foy who plays Rensemee once she’s more full grown as a child. Strange little creature of a child, but intriguing none the less as she communicates with people through the touch of her hands allowing the transference of her thoughts. Even though she doesn’t do much speaking, Foy still manages to be adorable.
Fans familiar with the films will be pleased with the visual quality of the last film, even though it can still use work in some areas. Watching the CGI version of Renesmee wasn’t all that pleasant. It’s refreshing to see the movie expand beyond just Bella and Edward’s love story. The spotlight is finally put onto a few other characters but, not long enough to steal Stewart’s performance. Fans will genuinely enjoy the movie, while some critics may not approve as much. However, even the critics will bare through 115 minutes just to see how the saga ends. And if for no other reason, the battle scene alone will be worth every minute.