Disney's Secret of the Wings

by Alexandra McClain
In Disney’s Secret of the Wings Tinker Bell’s curiosity seems to get the best of her when she crosses over into the forbidden Winter Woods and her wings begin to mysteriously sparkle.
Warm-fairies and winter fairies have long been forbidden to cross over into each other’s world for fear of losing their wings due to the weather conditions. If a warm fairy goes in the cold, their wings could freeze and break and if a winter fairy goes into a warmer climate, their wings could melt. It’s because of this that a great divide has been created between the two worlds. Despite this, Tinker Bell is willing to risk it all on an adventure to find out why her wings sparkled.
What she discovers along her journey isn’t just a whole new world that has remained a mystery to the warm season fairies; rather she discovers that she has a sister named Periwinkle who’s a frost fairy. Periwinkle and Tinker Bell have been separated because of their different worlds. The movie is all about the two worlds colliding for the sake of a friendship between two loved ones.
Having learned their own lessons in crossing the boundaries, Queen Calrion and Lord Milori, both rulers over each world, warn Tinkerbell and Periwinkle that there are consequences in crossing the great divide. Both the Queen and the Lord have had their own sacrifices to make due to crossing forbidden boundaries for the sake of love. However, both worlds will soon discover how they can use their differences to unite for a greater cause in a time of need.
This movie was also one of the first to be produced in 3D among the Disney Fairies franchise. This helps bring the different worlds into a whole new light not seen before. Both worlds will easily lure the audience in visually. It’s interesting to see how the two worlds parallel each other. Disney’s animators really make the season of winter come to life. Winter Woods is full of snow, mountains, ice crystals, frozen lakes, snowflakes and frost. Even though it seems winter tones aren’t usually that bright, Disney still finds a way to make winter have its own vivid sparkle. Creating the film in 3D helped enhance a few key scenes within the film; particularly the scene where Periwinkle and Tinker Bell’s wings unite and glow in unison with one another.
New winter fairy characters are introduced but other than Periwinkle, you don’t get to know them much. The movie’s main focus is on Tinker Bell and Periwinkle’s relationship as long lost sisters; which in itself is quite interesting to watch, as the two sisters discover that even worlds away from each other they still share a common connection.
The movie does well in developing an emotional connection between Tinker Bell and Periwinkle. During the film audience will realize the depths they’re willing to go in order for the two to be together despite the differences in their worlds’ climates.
The movie may be best summed up by its producer Michael Wigert, “Love is a bridge that can bring people together. And in our film, it’s bringing worlds together.”

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october, 2021