Pitch Perfect – movie review

by Alexandra McClain
Pitch perfect is a movie that will probably take most viewers by surprise. For starters, “pitch” isn’t a reference to baseball by any means. (That would be Trouble with the Curve; wrong movie.)
This movie is all about singing; a cappella that is. Pitch Perfect has taken the idea of a cappella groups and made them a lot more entertaining to watch. This movie ups the ante on whatever your previous thoughts were about a cappella singing groups.
Beca, the main character, has joined an unlikely crew of singers called the Bellas. Although none of them have anything in common, each singer brings something different to the table through their distinctive personalities. In the end, their differences seemed to be more of a help than a hindrance.
The Bellas have grown accustomed to doing things based on tradition, but with their newly formed members, they must abandon tradition and consider taking a new approach; especially if they plan on having a fighting chance in the national a cappella competition. This movie is all about rooting for the underdogs. Initially it seems the Bellas don’t stand a chance against their male counter parts and competition; the Treble Makers. With so many personalities in the mix, it seems hard to find unison among the group.
For anyone hesitant about the singing, don’t be alarmed. Think of a more modern take on a cappella. Beat boxing mixed with today’s top 40 hits, with a few classic older songs thrown in the mix. There’s even an ode to the oh so familiar Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me,” made famous by The Breakfast Club. The musical scenes are just enough to keep you entertained, while spread out so that it doesn’t seem like there’s someone breaking into a tacky song and dance routine every 10 minutes. By no means is this film intended to be a musical.
The film could use some work on a few subplots, but the majority of the film finds success in playing upon each of the characters different personalities. Rebel Wilson is probably the highlight of the film with her comedic supporting role as “Fat Amy.”
Most people will enjoy the movie because of the music and the laughs. The battle between the Bellas and the Treble Makers will be one worth watching. They give a whole new meaning to the term cut-throat.
Simply consider it a more entertaining, funnier and less dramatic version of Glee.