The Bourne Legacy movie review

by Rick Grant
The rationale for seeing this next Bourne movie without Matt Damon is: Jeremy Renner took the lead as another loose end of a devious CIA black program to create super operatives. Renner got noticed in his Oscar nominated lead in “The Hurt Locker,” Then he was critically acclaimed in his supporting role in “The Town.”
Renner stars as Aaron Cross, who dropped through the cracks of the special program. Now, retired Col., Eric Byer, USAF (Edward Norton) has pulled the plug on the black ops and is now sending agents to kill all the people attached to the project including Cross. Byer is wiping the slate clean, like the program never existed.
As long as Cross can get his meds, he’s hard to kill and has access to the U.S. Military’s vast inventory of weapons, including the Predator drones armed with hellfire missiles. Try as they may, Byer’s team is always one step behind Cross, who has special powers due to the specially made meds.
Cross seeks out the doctor Martha Shearing, (Rachel Weisz) who administered his serums are located in Manila. Yeah, the drugs were outsourced. So, Cross and Dr. Shearing catch a plane to the arm pit of the world, the Philippines.
Cut to numerous chase scenes on the crowded streets of Manila, as assassins are coming out of the woodwork to kill the two operatives. Renner goes the extra mile to intensify his character.
Director Tony Gilroy created excellent tension from Dan Gilroy’s screenplay. Yeah, this script is essentially a copy of the original “Bourne” screenplay. However, Renner upgrades the film with his interpretation of Jason Bourne. He says, “I’m more than a science project!” Indeed, as long as his meds hold out.
My problem with this remake of a remake of….is the extended motorcycle chase through the narrow streets of Manila. It’s so cliché. Nonetheless, Cross and Shearing weave in and out as a new hit-man enters the scene. Each shot is more ridiculous than the previous one.
Undeniably, Jeremy Renner’s rough edge look and gifted acting ability elevated him to the A-list. Meanwhile, when not making films, Renner formed a construction company with a partner. The two entrepreneurs buy mansions at IRS auctions and restore them to earn enormous profits. One property netted the pair $100 grand profit. In the movie business it’s advisable to have a plan B. Renner has that covered. However, I expect his movie career to skyrocket.