San Marco Dining District

by Liza Mitchell
Great food in great restaurants prepared by great people. That is the inspiration behind the new Chalkboard Manifesto Campaign designed to promote a collection of San Marco-area restaurants.
The Dining District of San Marco features The Grotto, Taverna, BB’s, Bistro AIX and Matthews. These restaurants are participating in the campaign as a way to renew appreciation in locally owned restaurants and the central district of San Marco as a premier dining destination in Jacksonville.
“They are all very unique, chef-driven restaurants. It’s fine dining but it’s also approachable,” says David Wingard of Wingard Creative Group. “Their neighborhood supports them and if you think about that little central area of San Marco, it’s a really neat group of restaurants. People need to look at that as an area of interest and a destination. You can get in your car and go down there and pick from any of these restaurants.”
Wingard said his team developed the concept of the daily special board to remind people of the importance of dining locally. “The whole chalkboard daily special feeling is something that people can relate to and associate with small, neighborhood restaurants,” Wingard says.
“It is also a reminder to people that chain restaurants are part of someone else’s economy. The owners are from different markets in many cases so it’s a good thing to appreciate the local, homegrown approach that they have.”
Learn more about the campaign at or visit for updates.