Jacksonville Music Video Revival

The art of making music videos is hardly a new one. The art form is often seen as trivial due to its youth, since it essentially started only in the last 50 years and achieved popularity in the last 30, but it takes a great deal of craftsmanship and can provide cultural insight as well as be a key promotional tool for musicians. The Jacksonville Music Video Revival, now in its fourth generation, explores the art of making music videos on the local playing field.
The seasonal festival was started by Jack Twatchman, aka Jack Diablo, who has long been deeply involved in the Jacksonville music scene. Aside from being in bands himself, Twatchman has done a great deal of booking and promoting, which has shown him the advantages that music videos can offer artists. Once a band has a well-edited music video on hand, it’s easy to link and share on multiple social media platforms to create interest in their music. It also provides a great starting point for directors, cinematographers and editors. Many filmmakers, including such modern film giants as Spike Lee, Spike Jonze and Michael Bay, got their start with music videos. On a local scale, directors Gustavo Cooper and Mark Hubbard also developed their craft making music videos for friends, a path that even led Hubbard to the Cannes Film Festival in France.
An hour of music videos is far from just a promotional tool though. It’s as fun of an event for spectators as any other facet of the Jacksonville Film Festival (with which JMVR will be connected this coming October). The Revival is unlike MTV or Fuse or YouTube in that it shows a solid hour of music videos without interruption, all while showcasing a variety of different music. Past events have included genres such as hip-hop, indie rock, metal and rap.
JMVR does a fantastic job of providing something for everyone and, on a grander scale, demonstrating the talent in our city that can be easily overlooked. Submissions are now being accepted (see below). You can also join the Jacksonville Music Video Revival Facebook group to keep up with any updates. Anyone looking forward to this round’s yield of music videos can just “like” EU Jacksonville on Facebook to keep an eye out for updates concerning JMVR and the Film Festival. The coming showcase should be bigger and better than ever, and it’s an event anyone with even a cursory interest in music or film should make the effort to attend.
Want to submit your video to the JMVR?
Bands and directors may drop off their videos at Burro Bar (100 E. Adams St. – Downtown) or the EU Jacksonville offices, 8728 Lone Star Rd. from now until September 15. Submissions must be high quality .mov format burned to DVD with the director’s name, band and song name written on the disc. You must also submit the application form, available at www.folioweekly.com or by scanning the QR code.
Use hashtag #jmvr2012 and follow @eumusic on Twitter to join the Jacksonville Music Video Revival conversation!
If you are a band in search of a director or an aspiring director eager to work with an up-and-coming local band, join the Jacksonville Music Video Revival Group on Facebook to meet and connect with other creatives. Just scan the QR code and start networking!