That's My Boy movie review

by Alex McClain
Donny Berger, played by Adam Sandler, seems to be living the life as he fulfills every teenage boy’s fantasy: to sleep with one of his hot and attractive school teachers. When you’re 13 years old, it’s hard to resist the seduction of an older woman. Although it’s not unusual for a teen boy to have a crush on a teacher, Donny’s crush goes a little too far when the inappropriate student-teacher relationship produces a child; a child that has to be raised by Donny who is still a kid himself.
As Donny rides the wave of publicity from him becoming an overnight celebrity based on his student-teacher relationship, it’s needless to say Donny’s parenting skills fall short in raising his child Han Solo (Andy Samberg). The movie attempts to show Donny trying to patch up the pieces that are left of his father-son relationship.
While the movie has a lot of laughs, it may not be something we might feel quite comfortable laughing about. Although the focus of the movie is a father-son relationship, it’s not a family friendly movie by far. There are some scenes that are so vulgar, at times it seems a tad overwhelming and uncomfortable to watch. Sure, the laughs are delivered, but the real father-son relationship seems to be overshadowed by the crude humor and antics.
It’s clear Sandler took a risk with this movie. Although in the past Sandler has made decent films we can all appreciate such as Water Boy, Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy, it’s obvious that this film won’t go down as one of his classics. The times where we could all watch a Sandler film that was genuinely funny seem long gone. After Just Go with It and Jack & Jill I’m sure we all saw this coming. Three films in a row; Sandler just keeps digging himself into a hole. At this point That’s My Boy can only send Sandler’s career in one direction: downhill. To come back from this pitfall would require a movie that’s genuinely funny and a lot less tacky.
If you were hoping for the ultimate father-son reunion film where things are salvaged and made “anew” then this film will disappoint you. However, if you’re looking for a simple laugh or two with some crude humor, this movie might just be for you.