Celebrate Asia – May 12

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“The rows and rows of food! The entertainment! The partygoers in all those amazing ethnic costumes! The entire event is so wonderfully, culturally diverse. Celebrate Asia is more than a big, fabulous, lavish party…it’s a destination!” – Jack Ong, Actor
Have you ever dreamed of colorful swirling dragons dancing amidst bright neon tigers? Your dreams will come to life Mother’s Day weekend as Celebrate Asia returns to the Downtown Hyatt for the third year. Join the exotic festivities as the stage erupts with multicultural performers showcasing their native music and dance.
Event organizer Vida Vongsay says, “The crowd will be dazzled with our 52-foot dancing dragon along with the traditional Lion Dance. People are amazed.”
Many state and local political and cultural dignitaries find Celebrate Asia a unique opportunity to interact with a valued segment of our community. It serves as an annual gathering of our neighbors from Cambodia, Laos, Viet Nam, Korea, China, Burma, India, Thailand and the Philippines. The colorful array of each nation’s traditional attire is a sight to behold.
And if eating your way across an entire continent was part of your dream, the expansive tables of steaming delights from each nation’s gastronomic tradition is like a passport for your taste buds. Try Asian cuisine featuring Pad Thai Noodles, Asian Sesame Balls, Filipino Lumpia, Laotian Papaya Salad, Thai Red Curry, Vietnamese Summer Rolls and lots more!


april, 2022