EU Talks with The Voice's Rebecca Loebe

Atlanta songstress Rebecca Loebe has long harbored a passion for music, but it was just recently that her singing career really took off with the help of NBC’s The Voice. She captured the interest of both Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine on the show and decided to work with Adam Levine in the end. Though in the midst of a busy touring schedule that included an exciting stop at European Street in San Marco, she agreed to talk to EU about her music, The Voice and life on tour.
Rebecca Loebe’s fondness for music started when she was young. She began playing guitar at 13 and, though she kept up with that hobby, went to college for music engineering. After college, she got a job doing engineering work at a music studio where she also recorded some her own work and realized that writing music herself was a large part of what she wanted to do with her life.
Of her experience on The Voice, she says, “I’m so grateful.” Success on the show affected her in a number of ways ranging from “more tangible things like Twitter and Facebook popularity and fan base,” to also being a conversation piece and lending her more confidence. Though Loebe had been performing for years, she still admits to being terrified on the show. “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve jumped out of an airplane.” She also notes the value of the friendships she formed with other season one contestants.
As far as touring goes, Loebe says her tours have been as short as four days, but also have lasted as long as seven months, the current tour being the latter. She laughs and says the hardest part about touring is “learning to use a new shower every night.” But for a musician like Rebecca Loebe who listed her primary driving force as storytelling, touring keeps her inspired. “Storytelling inspires me the most—and traveling. I collect stories. It’s about sharing emotions and the impact of those stories.” She continues, “The best part is the people. There are so many unique, incredible people. It’s a privilege to experience that. “
Rebecca Loebe’s only hope for the future is to make a sustainable living off of making music and continuing to connect with people through it. And the very grounded and honey-voiced singer should have a pretty good chance at that.