The Artist Series presents the unique adult comedy “Robert Dubac’s The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?” as part of the Off-Broadway Series at the Wilson Center for the Arts, on stage through Sunday April 15th. Order tickets at 632-3373 or online at
What women want from men and what men expect from women has been a timeless relevant question in many books, movies, plays, and television sitcoms. Sometimes the theme is treated very seriously but in this one-man show written and performed by Robert Dubac, ninety minutes of humor is king (or queen) with his original “The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?”
Mr. Dubac has toured with this well-written and polished show for over ten years all over the country and if the audience reaction (tons of laughter) is any indication, it will be around for many more.
Dubac opens the show in character as Bobby, with the announcement that his fiancée has left him, saying she does not want to even talk with him until two weeks have passed. Tonight is the night she will call. As he anxiously waits for the phone to ring, he examines multiple aspects of his brain, his experiences, and society’s expectations in an attempt to understand why he’s in this situation. Initially, he’s hopeful that just remembering the name of Julie’s cat might be enough to persuade her to return.
The stage is set to represent both sides of his brain. On stage left is his male side, a hodgepodge of sloppiness, filled with furniture, file cabinets, and miscellaneous junk like papers and beer bottles littering the space. Stage right is his female side, with only a large bare blackboard which Dubac fills up as the show progresses.
Dubac portrays five very different men, channeling their thoughts on male-female relationships. They include The Colonel (imagine George C. Scott as Patton with a limp), suave Frenchman Jean-Michel, Fast Eddie, Old Mr. Linger (now 123 years old and still looking for the perfect woman), and Ronnie Cabrezzi, a peaceful sensitive man who can’t spell. Each is performed with costume changes and props, and with personality and vocal changes that are hilarious.
While all of this is done with humor in mind, as you listen, whether you are male or female, you will see behavior that you or your spouse or partner has exhibited in your relationship.
Dubac has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, but his first love is this stand-up show. An added treat for the opening night audience was a ten-minute preview of a show he hopes to put on the road entitled “Free Range Thinking.”
There were probably more women in the audience than men, and they loved it. Dubac, who engages the audience throughout, is a remarkably charismatic performer with the ability to perform this well-traveled play so that it is fresh and new, and up-to-date references to the recent relationship woes of several celebrities are included. Dubac is an equal opportunity basher; yup both the guys and gals are scrutinized during his exploration of the baffling mysteries of both sexes. While the language is earthy at times, it remains funny.
Don’t miss the fastest ninety minutes you have ever experienced in a theatre, see “The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron”!