I’m sure you are all well aware of the major conference basketball tournaments that are ongoing as we speak! You name the conference…Big East, ACC, SEC, Big 12, PAC 12, Big 10…these are the big guns that are playing! They do this, after we have already noticed a plethora of conference tournaments playing out, starting last week with the mid-majors…
For each team, there are different implications, all depending on where they each stand in consideration of the NCAA Tournament, which will crank up next week, with 68 teams.
Some teams have had such a great season, they know they are automatically going to be ‘in’ the tournament. Other teams feel like they need to win their conference tournament to get in, knowing they will not be selected as an at-large. Others have had below-.500 seasons and are ready to finish up their season.
And so we have the conference tournament champions, all of whom will garner an automatic bid in the tournament. Then there will be a number of at-large openings, in which the NCAA selection committee will decide who deserves the remaining slots. It all makes for what will once again become an entertaining, exciting overload of games next week, all divided within four regional brackets.
You look at things for now, and it is quite fair to speculate Kentucky, Syracuse, Kansas, and North Carolina as your four #1 seeds heading into the tournament, which begins next Tuesday. Once the dust settles off this weekend, it’ll be interesting to study the teams that are in.
And keep in mind…after the NCAA Tournament makes their selections, then it will go to the NIT to determine who they will want to make it into THEIR tournament! Should be fun to follow in the coming days…

Most recently the two most prominent subjects gathering attention have been the whole issue about so-called ‘bounties’ playing out within various teams in the League, mainly coming from the Saints and their former Defensive Coordinator, Gregg Williams…and of course the whole releasing of Peyton Manning by the Colts, after a spectacular 14 year career.
This past week, Manning garnered essentially all of the media attention, with various outlets looking over his tenure, his status, and his potential, including where he will end up signing to play QB this upcoming season. While a number of teams have and will continue to show their interest, it seems the two teams most suited for Peyton will be the Redskins and the Dolphins. Both squads have ideal conditions for Manning to step in to, if indeed his main goal will be to find a solid, competitive ball club that has a strong chance at getting to the Super Bowl.
In the meantime, if you are a Colts fan, you might want to quell your expectations for success, with the team now set to draft former Stanford QB Andrew Luck with their #1 pick. No question Indianapolis has a lot of work to do in order to even consider getting back to the playoffs!
My feeling is Peyton Manning could look very promising in a Miami Dolphins jersey. I also believe with him there, the ‘Fins could be a strong team to mess with…
Meanwhile, the shakedown continues around the NFL, focusing on what teams and individuals were and/or have been involved at any time with payouts for hits when maybe they should not have been.
Williams has coached around the League…as a DC in New Orleans, Washington, Jacksonville, and currently, the Rams. He also was a HC in Buffalo for a couple of years. Obviously, he’s done good things throughout his career, as his track record shows. Whether that is, and or will, be a good or a bad thing is anybody’s guess.
There have been various stipulations as to what the fines or suspensions will end up being like…and whether they will be handed down to players or coaches, and when and for how long!
No matter what will occur, the other angle to consider here is…how will all this affect play in this upcoming NFL season? Will it be as physical? Will it be officiated in a tighter manner? Lots of questions to consider…
We shall see…