A Convention of Comics

by P.J. Fenton
Mega-con isn’t just for kids or just for adults, it’s for everyone. It’s all about a mutual love of anime, comic books, and fun. No matter how old you are, or what your race, or religion is, at Orlando’s Mega-con you’ll be accepted. There is no such thing as cliques or freaks here. People from all over America come to conventions such as Mega con because you will be accepted, no one cares about who you are. While at Mega-con in Orlando I met artists making their own comic books, children with their parents both enjoying themselves equally, people of all ages dressed up in costumes of their favorite characters and all of them accepted each other.
As I walked around Mega-con I stopped people to take their pictures or just to talk to them and I was in awe of how kind and accepting every person I met was. Everyone was happy to stop and pose for a picture or just to talk and answer questions. An amazing 13 year old boy, Chase Miller, who was at the convention with his father is working on his own comic book and was dressed as his own character. His father stated that he was “lucky and blessed” to have Chase in his life. Chase and his father live in Gainesville and bond over many things, including comics and anime. In his free time he helps take care of his blind father.
One of the favorite exhibitors of Mega-Con was ‘Southern R2 Builders group’, where I got to speak to local Jacksonville woman, Brenda Thomas. Brenda Thomas informed me that the R2 builders group volunteers their time with the Make a Wish Foundation for children and adults to play with and sometimes donating their R2D2’s to the families, multiple robots were scooting through the crowd of Mega-con posing for pictures and paying with children and adults. One of the R2D2’s even took the time to whistle a cat call at a group of women.
At Mega-con there was something for everyone from vendors selling plush dolls, shirts, bags, DVDs and games to artists selling personal comics and artwork to a place to play games and puzzles for children. Mega-con was a fun event that lasts 3 days and even staying all 3 days, you will have things to do non-stop from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. You could meet actors, artists, fans, and vendors and learn a lot while still having fun.