by Jack Diablo
Every so often, a local band manages to fly under the radar until they seemingly appear out of nowhere with a sizable repertoire, excellent stage presence and an underground following that seems to exist everywhere but Jacksonville. Sometimes it’s by design and sometimes it’s just about who you know. Enter the Caution Children, a post-everything band who combine screamo, hardcore, shoegaze and ambient influences into something altogether uncategorizable. Their lyrical and thematic content is intelligent and artistic, educating as much as it is entertaining.
Genre conventions and practices do not apply to the Caution Children. Although they can easily adapt to a wide variety of lineups, they cannot be expected to behave according to norms and standards. This simultaneously makes them all the more appealing to those who appreciate innovation and creativity, while potentially alienating slaves to tradition. While there is nothing inherently wrong in the violent thrashings of hardcore dancing among individuals who silently consent to beating the shit out of each other, there’s more to the Children’s live performance to be experienced than that. While some rowdiness is to be expected and perhaps encouraged, there is actual substance to be appreciated. Maybe I’m just getting old.
The crew is currently signed to Tokyo Jupiter Records, an independent Japanese label that deals in post-hardcore, black metal and everything in between from around the world. They are touring with Melbourne, Florida’s Flashlights and return to Jacksonville to play at Burro Bar on February 7. Check out their bandcamp (, but be sure to catch Jacksonville’s best-kept secret live.