SPORTS AVENGER w/The Jock 1-27-12

Get ready, my friends, for the onslaught of media and press coverage that will be associated with the Super Bowl!
This has gotten to the point where we can question whether this is simply too much for us all to digest! Both teams will be heading to Indianapolis this weekend, to get their respective camps set up, to begin the interviews and whatnot, and to make sure they have a hotel to stay in and a field to practice on next week, all heading in to Super Bowl 46.
And even THAT is a number that we can all give some thought to and for…in realizing that the Super Bowl has now been played for forty-five years! There was actually a time when I felt proud to be able to rip off the teams that played in each Super Bowl, and who beat who! But not any more…
And so the coverage begins (or continues, depending on how to look at it!), as we get as many stories, sound bites, angles, and opinions as possible, from as many outlets as you can imagine. The New York Giants and New England Patriots will be playing each other, as you all know, for the second time this season, and the second time in this event in four years. There will be plenty of comparisons to their battle in the regular season (a 24-20 Giants win), and also their game from Super Bowl 42…which the Giants won, as well.
There will be plenty of focus on the players and coaches, with the spotlight primarily on the two QB’s, Eli Manning and Tom Brady. These guys have been involved in the two most previous contests. As veterans, they will certainly catch a tremendous amount of attention. Hopefully they…and their teams’ PR staff…can handle it.
You can also plan on hearing a lot considering the two head coaches…Tom Coughlin and Bill Bellichick…even though neither coach is the most personable or open guy in the world. My feeling is we will simply have to tolerate the comments from both guys.
The Patriots have started off as three-point favorites, despite having lost the regular season game. Obviously, their prowess thru the entire season has earned them the favorite role, even though the Giants have come on strong in these past weeks! In a way, though, New York has had no problem retaining the underdog role. We’ll see if it continues in the coming days leading up to the game on February 5th…
One other area/aspect which is sure to gain a whole lot of attention will be Super Bowl tickets, and the prices thereof.
As you might imagine, those tickets are sometimes quite hard to come by. It should be even that much more interesting, considering these two teams are coming from large, major markets (Boston, New York), where the fan bases are lucrative, and demanding!
You add that into the mix, where there will people of all walks, shapes, sizes, and avenues, all wanting to have a couple of tickets so they can get into the game and be a part of the action! Some people will simply want to go just so they can say they are going (a/k/a, WENT!).
The National Football League is indeed very careful as to how tickets to this game are distributed. Most NFL players have the right to get two tickets, while players on the two teams involved receive tickets, and also can buy a few for their friends and family. Owners and their corporate partners get a healthy portion of tix as well.
However, some tickets are sure to turn up on the black market. Where they come from is anyone’s guess! The people holding those ducats will be asking two to three times the face value…some people will have no problem paying that price ($2,000 per ticket and up!)
But as we get closer to game time, the prices will start to go down, especially on Super Bowl Sunday. The brokers holding those tickets will not want them once the game starts, and will be looking for any way possible to get rid of them. Most people won’t wait that long to find tickets, mind you…it becomes a total reality show of drama, without question!
And so, it’ll be interesting to see what stories crop as to who is doing what with tickets…who has them, who wants them, and who is selling them!
In the meantime, while the Super Bowl festivities commence/evolve, a few other teams have been putting their time in to finding a Head Coach to rejuvenate their image. What has been interesting, to an extent, has been how it ‘in’ it has been for teams to hire Coordinators from successful teams to come in and try to build a winner.
Three teams alone…the Dolphins, the Raiders, and the Colts…hired guys who were Coordinators last season, but who also have zero head coaching experience (it seems), and are for the most part, unknown. Joe Philbin goes to Miami from Green Bay, Dennis Allen will go to Oakland via Denver, and Chuck Philbin heads to the Colts after being the DC for the Ravens last season!
Add in two coordinators who indeed have head coaching experience…Romeo Crennel (Browns to Kansas City), and Mike Mullarkey (Bills/Falcons to the Jaguars), and you see where it will be very interesting to see how all of these guys work and what they are able to have done with their respective franchises. It will be easy to measure them up against each other. We shall see!