Outside The Night – catch the chillwave

by Faith Bennett
Jacksonville resident and music blogger Austin Allen knew he couldn’t be alone in wanting something different in Jacksonville’s nightlife scene so with the help of Synconation, Allen made plans to launch a evening of music called Outside The Night at Shantytown.
The night of electronic music that leans towards “chillwave” aims to demonstrate that, as Allen says, “there is another side to electronic music.. other than dubstep.” The event is also centered around keeping the music as the focal point of the night. As Allen sees it many bars and clubs in Jacksonville become places to go just to be seen and have pictures taken regardless of the music played. With only a lone disposable camera in the hands of the official photographer of the evening, it’s Allen’s hope that even what photography is done will happen in a more organic way.
The focal point itself, the music, will be provided by Sea Cycles, Navigateur, and Vlad Kulisheviskiy (Thee Inhaler). While Kulisheviskiy is well known in duval for his dubstep work, his music for Outside The Night is more down tempo electronic music. Likewise, Navigateur, who has also been gaining acclaim, will be veering from his typical path and closer to chillwave as well. Sea Cycles are the only unknowns and likely only because they’ve only just come into existence. “The band is comprised of Jordan Aldridge and Lindsey Tuller of Fainted Paces and Brian Squillace of Neighbors, all of which are excited to showcase their new project. Allen says the goal is to “put everything out there,” and given that he is offering the young adults of Jacksonville (those 21 and up anyway) free entertainment and alcohol, it shouldn’t be hard to get new chillwave riders.