Palm Trees & Power Lines members Casey Johnson (from left), Shafer Tasso, Kyle Bailey and Josh Cravey pose after the competition with event host Elise Lobb, Miss Atlantic Beach Teen 2014 and Miss Jacksonville Teen 2013
Palm Trees & Power Lines couldn't contain their excitement
Josh Cravey of Palm Trees & Power Lines revs up the crowd
Eviction's singer Christian Longman
Guitarist and singer Jake Calhoun of Keystone Heights performs with his band Soul Connection

The argument about global climate change is in its death throes in the 21st century. There are very few people left in the world that would disagree with prominent scientific assessment of our situation: our resources are limited and we need to change the way we do things in order to sustain. It’s all well and good to know your talking points and to consider purchasing a Prius when you are car shopping, but being sustainable isn’t easy. Fortunately for North Floridians, there is finally a store that cares about helping you reduce your impact.
Artifact Old City Apparel is one of the exciting new boutiques in the oldest city owned by stylish young locals, a welcome trend. Jon Bosworth has opened North Florida’s only sustainable boutique in historic downtown St. Augustine.
“Unless local businesses take stepping into a sustainable future seriously, it is difficult to act locally,” said Bosworth. “We sell apparel and fashion accessories that are committed to style and sustainability.”
It is fitting that this movement toward the future start here, in America’s oldest city. Artifact sells clothing that feels great, on your skin and much deeper. Natural fabrics have come a long way in the last ten years, and as sustainability becomes increasingly popular, the fabrics are becoming more affordable, more diverse in style and application, and more comfortable and durable. Like linen and bamboo, hemp is a truly sustainable fabric that grows naturally without needing pesticides or herbicides to flourish. Other sustainable fabrics found on the shelves at Artifact include organic cotton, luscious, soft bamboo, soy, various grades of linen, and recycled and upcycled clothing and jewelry.
In addition to selling clothing made from sustainable fabrics, Artifact is also committed to local craftspeople and designers. Local designer Kelly Sheffield makes upcycled skirts under her label Subterfuge. These skirts are constructed from discarded or donated clothing, giving your stylish new skirt the softness of your favorite old T-shirt. The store also carries the Jacksonville Beach brand Strata, the Jacksonville brand Burro Bags, and local apparel designers such as Tact and Paper Root.
From Fair Trade organizations that are helping people in around the world to helping the designer next door, Artifact has products that you can always feel good about investing in. But when you purchase clothes, you want your apparel to be comfortable, practical and fashionable. You express yourself creatively through your fashion choices, and Artifact does not let you down. From American urban and hipster to hippy and European, the “i” in Artifact represents the individual. Your fashion reflects the place where your history meets your future. This is your artifice, the way you want to present yourself to the world. Artifact is here to give you the pieces you need to create your image.
Featuring fashions for the whole family, Artifact has guayaberas and stylish men’s clothes, as well as women’s clothing, student fashions, and some of the cutest baby clothes you’ve ever seen. The store is located inside a beautiful Victorian home that was built in 1890. Behind the store is a gorgeous courtyard with a mural by Jacksonville artist Shaun Thurston and a bubbling fountain. Every First Friday they open up the outdoor bar, serve complimentary wine and refreshments, and present live music from the area. The style of music has varied from indie and experimental bands to reggae, string or jazz. Enjoy the free entertainment, beer and wine in the courtyard every First Friday Artwalk in St. Augustine as well as the Boutique Night presented by the aforementioned locally owned boutiques in downtown on the third Thursday of each month from 5pm until 8pm.