All I Want For Christmas

by Emily Moody
Another year is coming to a close: another year filled with a down-in-the-dumps economy that has this nation in a depressing state. Why not take a little trip into Fantasyland and compile a no-holds-barred wish list of anything your heart desires?
My list is short, but well-rounded and choc full of both the giftable (boots, anyone?) and downright laughable. But I do need a black-diamond encrusted “Fragile” bracelet. Really, Santa, I do.
EXOvault – I love how sleek this case is. Oh, and FYI, I’m going to need the 4S to go in it as well. Aluminum with inlaid wood iPhone case, $155.
Proenza Schuler – This unisex messenger bag is the perfect way to mix in the print of the moment- functional too! Multi-colored satchel, $2290.
Ileana Makri – A girl can dream, right? This 18K rose-gold bracelet is inlaid with FRAGILE in black diamonds. This says it all. 2.25 kt., $21,150.
Sorel – I know we live in Florida, but we definitely have our fair share of cold days in January! So ditch those hideously played-out Uggs for a pair from Sorel! There are enough cold days that I could totally stay cozy in some boots like these. Joan of Arctic boots, $140.
Co-Op Barney’s New York – I’ll admit, I’m a tad obsessed with vintage furs, but I need something faux so I’m not offensive all the time. I would pair this with everything from jeans to a cocktail dress. Faux-fur short jacket, $298.
Sarah Weinstock – Here’s to hoping that this jaw-dropping, faceted-oval opal ring surrounded by diamonds ends up in my stocking. $14,560.
2011 Honda Ruckus – Once you ride on this sleek scooter, it will be on your wish list too. And they get incredible gas mileage! If I get the Ruckus, I’m just going to have to get that coat because it will be perfect for cruising around on cold winter nights. $2,499.

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october, 2021