by Jeremy Gould
There is nothing better than discovering new music, especially when it is right under your nose. A friend of mine introduced me to unouomedude, pronounced “You-know-you-owe-me-dude.” I’m glad I know that friend. Since hearing unouomedude, his music has been in my rotation quite frequently. From the popular chillwave sound to the haunting Beach Boys-esque hooks, this young man seems to have all the right tools. With the label Old Flame Records on board and the press (Pitchfork, Earmilk, etc.) beginning to take notice, unouomedude is well on his way to possibly greener pastures. EU Jacksonville got the opportunity to speak with unouomedude, and wegottoknowhimbetter.

EU Jacksonville: How and when did you start to play music?
unouomedude: I was at a flea market when I was about 12 or 13, and I saw a guitar for the first time in real life. So I asked my dad to spend the $20 to buy it for me, and he said he would as long as I stuck with it. I did.

EU: How did the name unouomedude come about?
u: My cousin came up with the name “Unoiouboi,” pronounced “You-know-I-owe-you-boy,” for gaming stuff online. I needed a username when I started making online accounts, so I came up with “unouomedude,” pronounced “You-know-you-owe-me-dude.” It just kind of stuck.

EU: What are some of your influences?
u: Mainly dreams, photographs, people, places and memories.

EU: What are some of the subjects you sing about in your songs?
u: Most of my songs are based on memories of growing up or dreams that I’ve had. Sometimes I just start writing a song and it turns out to just be a story I came up with.

EU: Has Jacksonville been an influence on your music? Life?
u: Some of the sounds on my last EP, Marsh, I think were influenced by the times I’ve spent at Jacksonville Beach. I guess life in general is one of the main influences in my music, and most of my life has been spent here in Jacksonville.

EU: How did it feel to be featured on Pitchfork? Did you expect this kind of press?
u: It was cool. It was a personal goal I had, so I was really stoked to accomplish it. I hope to make a living by making music one day, so press is always great. I honestly wasn’t expecting it for that song, “Frequency,” but I’m glad things are happening.

EU: Any bands from Jacksonville you have been into lately?
u: Yeah, definitely. My buddy Robert Raimon Roy a.k.a. Rob Roy is from Jacksonville, and he’s actually going to be coming out with a new record soon. Phillip Oskar Augustine has a great record out called Unknown Patterns, which I’m sure you can find online.

EU: What is on your record player as of late?
u: I’ve really been into the new Big K.R.I.T., St. Vincent, and Das Racist records lately. I’m really looking forward to the new Childish Gambino.

EU: How did you come in contact with Old Flame Records?
u: Danger Village wanted to do publicity for me, so they sent my stuff to Old Flame and the whole process of us all working together started that same day. It all happened pretty quickly.

EU: Do you play shows often? If so, where?
u: I’ve played at The Pit a few times, but I haven’t played a show in years. I’m working on getting a good live setup together, so hopefully I’ll be playing shows and touring soon.

EU: What are some websites readers can check out regarding your music?
u: Well, is my official site, but you can find me on Facebook and Twitter too.