Your Jax Music At The Fair

by by: 6Pz
Jacksonville’s only music feature television program, Your Jax Music, is celebrating two years of continuous broadcast on CW17. The 30-minute program first aired in October of 2009 and has featured over 100 local bands and musicians.
What started out as the brainchild of the creative team at EU Jacksonville newspaper and CW17 television has offered both aspiring and seasoned Northeast Florida musicians a showcase to spotlight their talents. Each band that performs receives an edited final-cut copy of their performances, rights-free, which provides them a valuable tool to solicit bookings and record label recognition. “We want nothing more than their time on the sound stage and a thank you on the way out the door,” commented show producer, Jake McCain.
To celebrate Jacksonville’s love for our homegrown musicians, Your Jax Music is throwing a two-day music party at the Jacksonville Fair. On Saturday and Sunday, November 5 and 6, the Your Jax Music Showcase will feature 30 different acts beginning at noon. Never before have so many local bands come together at one event. The Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair will be held November 2-13 at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds in the Sportsplex area.

Grandpa’s Cough Medicine
Saturday – Stage A 2 pm
A three-piece bluegrass band from Atlantic Beach, Florida. Heavily influenced by bluegrass, outlaw country and metal, GCM plays a devilish blend of blood-and-beer-soaked originals along with hot pickin’ instrumentals. Driven by furious flatpicking guitar and blazing banjo runs, with a thumping bass holding it all down for tight two-part vocal harmonies. GCM is sure to get your foot stompin’.

Saturday – Stage B 2:30 pm
Chroma is a Jacksonville-based trio of musicians who have their roots in melodic songwriting and progressive psychedelic rock, while gracefully stepping into the realms of bluegrass, barbershop, and classical music. Chroma is as diverse as the color spectrum their name implies. Chroma can be seen playing on the festival circuit, as well as venues across the Southeast.

Saltwater Grass
Saturday – Stage B 3:30 pm
Formed in 2006, they’ve released two full-length albums: Saltwater Grass, a debut self-titled album in 2009, and their second full-length album, Out of the Everywhere, in August 2010. The seven-piece band is made up of Rich Hansen (vocals, guitar), Ryan Daley (lead guitar, vocals), Austin Johnston (bass), Jeff Hoff (harmonica, saxophone, vocals), Juan Pablo Salvat (percussion), Nico Lembo (drums), and Rich Sherrington (trombone, keyboard). The best place to stay on top of everything with the band is through the website:

Twenty Weight
Saturday – Stage B 4:30 pm
Brewed in the Deep South culture of the Florida Keys in 2001, 20WT (“Twenty Weight”) moved to Jacksonville in 2003 for greater access to more venues and fans throughout the Southeast. The band combines elements of ska, roots reggae and groove metal to create a sound that could be the bastard child of Bob Marley, System of a Down, Tom Morello, and The Police. Check out the latest release from 20WT on Florida Green Records, The Songs of the Mighty Bullfrog. You set the price. Yes, you read that right! YOU set the price. Visit for updates on shows, merchandise, and NEW music! 20WT personnel include: Ryan Wilson (guitar, VOX, mixing engineer), J Hooks (bass, BG VOX), Lil’ Dave Kelly (drums), Tim Dougherty (keys, synth, percussion).

Down Theory
Saturday – Stage A 5 pm
Down Theory’s signature sound is an eclectic combination of hard rock, punk, funk and modern rock. To fuse these various styles into one unique sound, Down Theory utilizes a solid song structure with intense hooks and dynamic rhythms, and delivers it all with an energetic, flawless performance. Down Theory features the talents of Nick Lee on vocals, Matt “Mathmatical” Hall on lead guitar, Scott King on drums, and Derrick “D-Rok” Gilrie on bass. Down Theory can be found online at:,, And you can follow on twitter: @downtheoryband.

Bleeding In Stereo
Saturday – Stage B 5:30 pm
Bleeding In Stereo is a four-piece rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, blending some harmonious vocals with punchy straightforward guitar riffs. Fans will find that the lyrics are a lot deeper than face value and were not written just to fill a page with words, but to express real-life emotions through their music and out of the listener’s speakers. These guys also offer up some vintage-style guitar solos that have been absent in the newer music of today. Nothing fake about this group, just pure honest and venerable emotions that life has produced all on it’s own. Bleeding In Stereo is Keith Allen on guitars and vocals, Brian Woodward on guitars, Tommy Gunn on bass, and Andy Morgan on drums. Web Info:,,,,

Black Drum
Saturday – Stage A 6 pm
Started in 2007 as a side project to Fusebox Funk, Black Drum features a motley collection of all-stars from Jacksonville’s music scene. Combining rap music with punk, funk and metal, the group is an outrageous assortment of influences and styles. The band recently taped their YourJax Music set at Latitude 30 and featured turntablist Deejay Capone for many of the songs. They have recently started writing again for a cameo on front man, Slababda the Rap Rockstar’s, solo record, which will be released in summer 2012. Free music download on the band’s website (

Lady Daisey & Batsauce
Saturday – stage A 7 pm
Lady Daisey has rocked venues around the globe – from small smokey clubs to massive hip hop festivals – her message is one of love and inspiration, soulfully presented over head noddin’ Batsauce beats. Singing since she was 5, Lady Daisey has developed a playful powerhouse style that’s sure to grab the attention and steal the hearts of everyone within earshot. After meeting the love of her life on stage (Batsauce – husband and producer) it seemed only natural to pack their bags and hit the road. With a studio small enough to fit in a backpack, they have written and recorded this album, all while bouncing around the States, Europe and Asia

Robin Rütenberg & Friends
Sunday – stage A noon
Robin Rütenberg is a singer/songstress who in July 2011 was joined by a trio of incredible friends and musicians in Jacksonville, Fl. Together, they formed an arrangement, known as Robin Rütenberg & Friends that is quickly gaining momentum and attracting local attention through powerful live performances and memorable original songs. The quartet composes and performs thoughtful, melodic and heartfelt pieces, complimenting Robin’s passionate vocals and thematic lyrics. The group artfully weaves cello, voice and guitar with a dynamic bass and percussion syncopation. The band is comprised of: Robin Rütenberg [guitar, mandolin, voice, tambourine, harmonica], Naarah Strokosh [cello, keys], Quinn Mellon [bass], and Summer Wood [percussion]. You can find more information about the band at

Sunday- stage B 12:30 pm
The band that originated from Riverside Avondale area. They’ve been together for over three years and just recently added a fifth member to the band. Their music sounds like folk tinge rock, alternative soul, and with a sweet vocal soul serenade. After recently rocking out the Little Big Jam held near Atlanta Georgia, they are back in town to share the gift of music. Parkstreet consist of Myrna Stallworth, Juanita Parkerurban, John Parkerurban, Ray Lunn, and Duane Washburn. You can find their music on Itunes and CD Baby.

Jackson Vegas
Sunday – stage A 3 pm
Fusebox Funk guitarist/singer, Dr. Concussion, has always been more known for hip/hop and funk than anything else. But in 2010 he began production on a new project; one that was far different than anything he had done. He had been writing folk and Americana music for many years behind the scenes and decided that it was high time that the collection finally saw the light of day. Since all of the material was written about the big-town, little-city of Jacksonville, he named the project after the nickname many hold for the city, “JacksonVegas”.The group consists of Dr. Con on guitar/vocals, Brett Norton on lead guitar/backups, Bea Gayle on drums and Adam Silk on bass. The group is produced by Eric Jenkins and has a free demo that can be downloaded at the band’s website (

Shawn Lightfoot and The Brigade
Sunday – stage B 3:30 pm
Shawn Lightfoot and The Brigade is an eclectic indie-folk rock trio based in Riverside. Featuring Lightfoot’s smooth tenor vocals, often compared to Jeff Buckley and John Sebastian, The Brigade includes drummer Cody Walker Jr. and upright bassist Donovan King. First formed in 2003, the band arrived at its current line-up in 2010. Though relatively young, each member is a veteran of Jacksonville’s music scene, performing with several local music projects in many local venues both big and small. Lightfoot even performed with the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus between 2004 and 2006, and sang a brief solo in the JSO production of Puccini’s opera La Boheme.
Lightfoot’s original songs range from tender, haunting ballads to boisterous rock anthems. The influences are evident in a Brigade performance: Jazz, country, folk, alternative and psychedelic rock. But what’s also evident about this trio is their happy-go-lucky chemistry on stage. Their ability to get a crowd dancing has won over music lovers from Fernandina Beach to St Augustine. Free music download at A new CD by the band is in the works and due out by Spring of 2012.

Rachel Warfield Band
Sunday – stage A 4 pm
The Rachael Warfield Band blends genres of soul, funk, blues, rock, and funk into a melodic rhythm. Their sound is inspired by Motown, old rock, and modern soul. Their expression is passionately soul with a progressive touch of rock, and powerful vocals to fill all the stages they play. Rachael Warfield is the vocalist/pianist, Doug Lewis plays the drums, David Redding is the guitarist, and Gene Yi is on the bass. Collaboratively they write original music. Fans can stay updated with the band’s upcoming shows at, “Rachael Warfield Makes Music” on Facebook, youtube, twitter, and Reverbnation.

Sunday – stage B 4:30 pm
When Sentropolis hits the stage, be ready for some of the most soulful and funky music to ever come out of North Florida and beyond. With each member bringing their own flavor of music, the power of this combination is undeniable. After several years of wowing and captivating audiences at local gigs, the hippie jazz funk is going worldwide, thanks to the web. With a loyal following of global fans they are now ready to burn up the club and festival scene. Recently, Sentropolis has just completed their second release, a live album that will surely grab the attention of avid music lovers. Go to Or contact Kenny Hamilton at [email protected] or call 904-806-0898.

J Collins
Sunday – stage A 5 pm
Jay (J Collins) is an accomplished writer, producer, publisher and singer with the inherent ability to capture his audience through his soulful rustic charm. The country music artist’s lyrics pay homage to a life of struggle and triumph. Collins’ self-penned debut singles demonstrate an authentic musician that puts his spirit to rhythm, his heart to words and his humanity to harmony. Collins is quickly making his mark as an artist who can reach into the heart of America. With many influences in his career Collins finds it very difficult to pin just one however being a natural born entertainer Collins looks to other entertainers in the past who have made great music and a memorable impact on music and society as a whole.

Sunday – stage A 6 pm
Original blues, blues rock, and funk. Staying true to tradition, Al brings those classic styles together by blending genres, with a fresh new approach. Al Stone is known for his intimate exchange of energy that builds between himself, his band and his listening audiences.

First Coast Friends of FUNK
Sunday – stage B 6:30 pm
If you enjoy tight grooves, solid in the pocket funk and soul, you will love this band. A new funk and soul project from Jacksonville, Florida based on the writing and producing styles of Drummer Joe Senger, the band consists of Joe Senger, Brady Clampitt, Tom Rowe, Ninos Khanania, and Will Montgomery. If you attended last year and had the chance to catch the “Brady Clampitt Band”, you have actually seen half of the band perform. Joe, Tom, and Brady are all connected with both bands, and also performed on Your Jax Music – CW 17 over the summer. Stop by their website for details and info on the band. Keep Funkin Y’all – FCF of FUNK!

Band Day Stage Time
Bubbly Joe Saturday A noon
Tobacco Pat Saturday B 12:30 pm
Penguin Teeth Saturday A 1 pm
Colton McKenna Saturday B 1:30 pm
Grandpa’s Cough Medicine Saturday A 2 pm
Chroma Saturday B 2:30 pm
De Lions of Jah Saturday A 3 pm
Saltwater Grass Saturday B 3:30 pm
Dailiss Saturday A 4 pm
20WT Saturday B 4:30 pm
Down Theory Saturday A 5 pm
Bleeding in Stereo Saturday B 5:30 pm
Black Drum Saturday A 6 pm
Go Away Ghost Saturday B 6:30 pm
Lady Daisey & Batsauce Saturday A 7 pm
Wes Cobb Band Saturday B 7:30 pm
Robin Rütenberg & Friends Sunday A noon
Park Street Sunday B 12:30 pm
Bonnie Blue Sunday A 1 pm
The Blue Trees Sunday B 1:30 pm
Whetherman Sunday A 2 pm
Louie LeClaire Sunday B 2:30 pm
JacksonVegas Sunday A 3 pm
Shawn Lightfoot & the Brigade Sunday B 3:30 pm
Rachael Warfield Sunday A 4 pm
Sentropolis Sunday B 4:30 pm
J Collins Sunday A 5 pm
Tough Junkie Sunday B 5:30 pm
Al Stone Sunday A 6 pm
First Coast Friends of Funk Sunday B 6:30 pm