Jacksonville Music Video Revival – Jax Film Fest

by Jack Diablo
In the past, the barriers to creating a music video were quite high. Only those backed by a record label with significant resources could expect to make a video during their career. Even then, there were but a few outlets with limited time so that only a handful ever even saw the light of day. Of course YouTube, Vimeo and the Internet in general have changed all that making music videos the most effective, viral tool for promoting one’s band. Advances in technology have made professional-quality equipment accessible to just about anyone and while you can still spend a ton of money on a professional video, some of the most creative and talented people out there are the ones with nothing more than a camera and an idea. This program celebrates both sides of the industry and seeks to close the gap between the creative forces behind the music and the lens.

The Jacksonville Music Video Revival began one year ago as a celebration of our city’s local creative talent in the fields of music and filmmaking. Around that time I had just experienced how easy and fun the process of making a video can be and was beginning to notice many well-produced local videos being made by amateurs and semi-professionals. It seemed only natural that these creative works of art deserved to be showcased and given the big screen treatment. From there I teamed up with EU Jacksonville and Drips Black to put on the first Jacksonville Music Video Revival. As it turned out there were even more videos out there than I was aware of and we decided to make a regular event out of it. The hope all along was that this project would in some small way at least, stimulate the movement and see more music videos going into production in Jacksonville. In all respects I think this project has been a huge success and I’m excited to see how far it’s come and even more so to see where it’s heading.

We are pleased and honored to include this third installment of the Jacksonville Music Video Revival as part of the 2011 Jax Film Fest and applaud the festival for recognizing the local talent of this city. The program includes new videos from several JMVR alumni including filmmakers Mark Hubbard, L Gustavo Cooper and Jon Shepherd along with many newcomers as well. We have new videos from kLoB, Radical Face, Gospel Music, The Skraleings and others that are set and poised to put this city on the map. We’ve got everything from hip hop to indie rock, a true cross-section of the heart and soul of Jacksonville. I hope you enjoy it!