The Must See List: Blackwater Music Festival

by Emily Moody
With Blackwater, located at Suwannee Music Park, just a few days away, we are getting pumped up to see some seriously amazing music! There are tons of great local and nationals acts but these are a few that we won’t be missing!
The Flaming Lips: Saturday, 8:20-10:20p (Meadow)
The Flaming Lips, The Flaming Lips, as I sit here and try and decide what i should write about, I clearly think of one thing… Intelligent Music.
Mark Coyne and the tribe have been doing their thing for almost three decades and every time I see them, they get more refined; more polished; more perfect. Not only does their music inspire, but their visual representation would pull anyone artist, musician, or lover of visual effects or the prior to their knees. This is one for the ages, and if you miss it, I shall shed a tear for you… Because let’s be honest, you live in Jacksonville, and there is MAGIC taking place eighty miles from you at one of the most sacred festival grounds, Suwanee Music Park, and you missed out….
One thing I love about the Lips is the fact that they take everything into their own hands. They don’t rely on producers and stage hands to make sure everything is setup correctly; that is their concern, and theirs alone. This naturally leads to a much more organically produced show than the norm, and for that I love them…
It is a kaleidoscope party of visual and audible treats that doesn’t cease for nearly two hours. If you are within a hundred miles when they play and you didn’t make the trip you have missed something truly special. They are musicians. They are astronauts. They are explorers in the truest sense of what you deem real. Leave your cubicle and come see something that will only remind you of those moments when you were a child and nothing more….. Those moments that most would call Magic…
Sound Tribe Sector Nine: Saturday, 11:50-1:50 (Meadow)
STS9, how I love thee. You guys know what the components of a party should be, and you never quite with your bag of tricks. If you have only seen them in the daytime, then you have never really seen what this troupe has in their back pocket for you. Late night, under a bright full moon, is where it is at with this Atlanta based quintet. On top of their rhythmic abuse, Saxton Waller’s visual treats are plenty to suffice even a blind man. Their absolute sense of rhythm and purpose, spliced with their visual effects, they will take the viewer on a journey that I have personally seen last more than four hours at time and sometimes beyond… This past Bonnaroo was one of those experiences and I have personally been counting down the days until Blackwater to experience it again…
I know you have heard of them, but if they are still unfamiliar territory to you, or if they are like a fine aged wine to you, then you won’t want to miss out… Because for those of us that know, then we know that there are those that don’t know but probably wish they did… Blackwater is your chance….
Weatherman: Friday from 12-1:30p (Beach Stage)
If you’re ears have been privileged enough to hear the amazing sounds of Weatherman than consider yourself lucky. Nicholas Williams has been playing music for 11 years, but for the past five he has been known as Weatherman. After playing solo for four years, last year, Weatherman decided to add some dimension to his sound. Williams’ melodic crooning is now combined with the skills of JP Salvat, percussion extraordinaire, Austin Johnson on guitar, and Dan Evans who holds it down on mandolin, guitar, keys and more. Get ready to hear the folksy, soul filled melodies of this crew at Blackwater with special guests Angel Garcia from Antique Animals and Rachel Murray from The Great State.
Tropic of Cancer: Saturday, 1-1:45p (Front Porch)
Get ready to jam with this Jacksonville band as they play all original tunes at Blackwater Music Festival. Tropic of Cancer is the perfect, all instrumental, blend of jazz and Latin, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean influences make an amazing sound that can only be described as New World Lounge. This passionate band is composed of Jason Lewis on guitar, bass and percussion, Colin Westcott on drums, Ryan Sinclair on percussion, guitarist Theo Klaase, Sean Hendrix on the vibraphones and saxaphonist Eric Reihm. The enchanting sounds of this all instrumental band will keep your festival spirits floating sky high for remainder of the day.